Soil Mechanics

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Our product development process helps to future-proof your lab. We design each of our machines to be completely modular, giving you maximum flexibility.
Start with an entry-level system with manual or electronic data acquisition and move to a more advanced fully automatic PC-controlled system.

By incorporating testing automation and Electromechanical Servoactuation technology (EmS) in all our products, your laboratory will benefit from equipment that is efficient at producing accurate and repeatable results time after time, enhancing your lab's reputation.


All-in-one fully automatic Triaxial testing system - AUTOTRIAXQube

Used by universities and commercial laboratories for high performance automatic triaxial testing.

Automatic Computerized Oedometer ACE EmS

Fully automatic consolidation testing machine, incremental loading, swelling, unconfined.

Automatic Shear Testing Machine SHEARMATIC EmS

Fully automatic direct/residual shear machine

Automatic Triaxial Tests System - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Used by University/Resource and commercial laboratories for high performances and productivity.

Banded Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial - effective/total stress, stress path, dynamic, permeability tests.

Data Acquisition and Control Unit for Triaxial Tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Brain of the AUTOTRIAX EmS system, transmitting data from software and devices

Data Acquisition Unit, GEODATALOG 8

Multipurpose automatic datalogger to be used with standard soil mechanics machines.

Dynamic Triaxial System DYNATRIAX EmS

Dynamic electro-mechanical triaxal machine suitable for cyclic and static triaxial tests.

Load Rings

Used for measuring applied force on a soil sample

On-Sample Transducers

Used for measuring local deformation on soil sample in triaxial test.

Shear Boxes

Round or square shear boxes manufactured from brass

Standalone Pressure Volume Controller, HYDROMATIC

Used as general-purpose water pressure source and volume change controller.

Standard Triaxial System with Analogue Measurement

Used by standard laboratories that don’t require digital measurement.

Submersible Load Cells

Submersible (internal) load cells have been designed to work inside the triaxial cells.

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH

Ideal for research laboratories to perform high quality tests at high level of productivity.

Air/Water Pressure System and Control Panels

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using air compressed

Calibration Equipment for Geotechnical Laboratory

Used for verifying periodically the calibrations of their electronic sensors.

Direct and Residual Shear Testing Machine AUTOSHEAR

Direct/residual shear machine with built-in data acquisition.