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Triaxial load frame TRITECH with 4 built-in channels

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BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | NF P94 070 | NF P94 074 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-8 | ASTM D7181 | AASHTO T297 | AASHTO T296
Main features
  • Ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that require high productivity and high quality testing;
  • Designed for advanced and research laboratories to perform UU, CU, CD (compression/extension) tests;
  • Very wide variable speed range suitable to perform also unconfined, CBR and Marshall tests. 
  • Double control mode including machine and data acquisition via local touch screen display or from remote PC (not included) and software (included);
  • USB port to connect a memory stick (included with the machine) for test data storage;
  • Effective sampling rate up to 50 / sec;
  • LAN communication;
  • Automatic test start and stop according to preset conditions;
  • Wide 5.7'' waterproof touch screen color graphic display allowing machine control, live on screen data plot and tabulation;
  • Local and remote transducers calibration through the dedicated software;
  • Graphical and Numerical display of readings;
  • Maximum compression capacity: 50 kN or 100 kN;
  • Speed range from 0.00001 to 99.99999 mm/min;
  • Maximum sample diameter (for triaxial testing): 150 mm;
  • The quality of the design avoids vibrations that may affect the specimen or measur­ments accuracy;

General description
General description
WYKEHAM FARRANCE’s electro-mechanical TRITECH machines are the original high-performance load frames for triaxial tests. Introduced by the company over 50 years ago, they have undergone continuous develop­ment and are the ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that want to perform high quality tests at high levels of productivity.
Based on heavy duty triaxial load frames, with advanced electronics and high quality components, these frames are the top of the range currently available for triaxial testing on soils. The load frames are built around a robust twin chromed-column structure, ensuring extremely high rigidity. The loading platen is made from stainless steel.
Four models are available depending on the max capacity and if equipped or not with a built-in data acquisition. 

The models are fitted with 4 built-in channels and data acqui­sition, to be used either in stand-alone mode or connected to a PC.
TRITECH 4C are the ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories who require high quality and productivity testing. This model is a stand alone machine that can perform compression/extension triaxial tests, unconfined, CBR, Marshall and general compression tests.
These load frames are equipped with a wide user friendly touch screen display, side mounted and very ergonomic allowing local control of the main functions and data acquisition.
In each model the panel and dis­play are protected from water and dust.
The touch screen display is ex­tremely versatile to start, pause and stop the test, to set up data recording mode, to show live readings of the transducers in real time and to perform calibrations.  In addition a LAN connection and a dedicated software (included with the machine) allows remote control from the PC.  In remote control mode the soft­ware allows the user to control the main functions via PC as well as to calibrate the channels with linear, polynomial and multi-co­efficient calibration mode, and to display the readings.
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Technical specifications

Models 28-WF4005/4C 28-WF4010/4C
Maximum sample diameter, mm 150 150
Minimum testing speed, mm/min 0.00001 0.00001
Maximum testing speed, mm/min 99.99999 99.99999
Maximum compression force, kN 50 100
Maximum tensile force, kN 5 5
Minimum vertical clearance, mm 335 390
Maximum vertical clearance, mm 1100 1140
Horizontal clearance, mm 364 498
Platen diameter, mm 158 158
Platen travel, mm 100 100
Dimensions, mm (h x w x d) (approx.) 1460 x 503 x 380 1813 x 586 x 515
Power, W 600 680
Weight, kg (approx.) 98 120

Ordering info

Tritech50, Triaxial load frame 50 kN cap. with 4 channels built-in data acquisition 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

Tritech100, Triaxial load frame 100 kN cap.  with 4 channels built-in data acquisition 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

Additional Information

The following table shows the accessories required to perform the different tests allowed by the TRITECH  machines

UNCONFINED Digital P0375/C 1
P0370 1
T0104/81 1
P0322 1
T0108/5 1
T0104/4 1
WF4005/39** 1
CBR Digital P0375/C 2
P0375 1
T0104/81 1
P0322 1
T0103/1 1
WF4005/39** 1
MARSHALL Digital P0375/C 2
P0375 1
T0104/81 1
P0322 1
T0104/10 1
T0104/13 1
B0033 1
WF4005/39** 1

(**)Required only with model 28-WF4005/4C 


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