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Triaxial load frame TRIAX

BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | NF P94 070 | NF P94 074 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-8 | ASTM D7181 | AASHTO T297 | AASHTO T296
Main features
  • Ideal solution for commercial laboratories a machine to perform high quality triaxial tests in addition to unconfined and general purpose compression tests.
  • Designed for soil testing laboratories to perform UU, CU and CD triaxial tests on samples from 38 to 70 mm dia.
  • Maximum load frame capacity: 50 kN
  • Maximum testing load depending on the selected test speed (variable from 35 to 7 kN)   The choice of the opportune load cell capacity shall take into account this value           
  • Speed range from 0.00001 to 50.8 mm/min
  • Large High-contrast 4 x 20-character display and 6-keys membrane keyboard
  • Maximum sample diameter (for triaxial testing): 70 mm

General description
General description
WYKEHAM FARRANCE’s electro-mechanical TRIAX - triaxial machine - has been designed specifically for triaxial applications and is ideal for commercial laboratories that need a versatile machine capable of performing a wide range of tests.
The load frame is built around a robust twin column structure, ensuring extremely high rigidity up to 50 kN.
When the frame is used in PC control mode, all the main functions (speed fast/slow, direction up/down, stop).  All functions can also be remotely managed by PC via a set of commands in ASCII format using RS 232 port. 
In manual mode, the user-friendly keyboard on the front panel is used to control all the frame’s functions, including a rapid approach facility that reduces test set-up time. For efficient use the last settings are automatically recalled after switch on. The frame is equipped with micro switches that prevent over-travel problems.  The panel and display are protected from water and dust by a waterproof membrane. 
It requires extenal data acquisition system see our GEODATALOG's 
The frame has been designed for soil testing labs conducting UU (unconsolidated undrained), CU (consolidated undrained) and CD (consolidated drained) triaxial tests but it can also be used, due to its large range of speeds, to perform unconfined and others.
A complete range of parts  and accessories is available to configure this machine for any typical triaxial soil testing application.

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Technical specifications

Model  28-WF4001
Maximum sample diameter, mm 70
Minimum testing speed, mm/min 0.00001
Maximum testing speed, mm/min 50.8
Maximum load frame capacity, kN
MAximum testng load capacity, kN
from 35 to 7 *
Minimum vertical clearance, mm 390
Maximum vertical clearance, mm 725
Horizontal clearance, mm 380
Platen diameter, mm 158
Platen travel, mm  100
Dimensions, mm ( h x w x d) (approx.) 1215 x 500x 495
Power, W 600
Weight, kg (approx.) 90

(*) depending on selected test speed 

Ordering info

TRIAX  Triaxial load frame 230-110V/50-60Hz/1ph                              
- Max load frame capacity: 50 kN
- Maximum testing load depending on the selected test speed (variable from 35 to 7 kN). The choice of the opportune load cell capacity shall take into account this value   
- Infinitely variable speed from 0.00001 to 50.8 mm/min.                                                
- Max sample size: 70 mm                          
- RS 232 interface for PC remote control
- Microprocessor controlled            
- Stepper motor drive                  
- Audible over travel alarm            
- Waterproof membrane keyboard          
- Rapid approach button                
- PC not included  

Additional Information

To perform these kind of tests the crossbeam has to be tipped over. Fit each accessory to the crossbeam using the M10 grub screw supplied with the machine.
The following table shows the accessories required to perform the different tests allowed by the TRIAX machine.

UNCONFINED Analogue 28-WF1048 1
28-WF6453 1
70-T0104/9 1
70-T0104/7 1
82-D1255 1
70-T0104/4 1
Digital(*) 70-P0375/C 1
82-P0370 1
28-T0104/81 1
82-P0322 1
70-T0108/5 1
70-T0104/4 1

(*) It requires extenal data acquistion unit (see below the dedicated links) 


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