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Pore water pressure measurement

Main features
General description
General description
Pore pressure can be precisely measured with this electronic system connected to the pressure transducers (eg. Our models 28-WF6300) fit to the triaxial cell by the de-airing block 28-WF6310 (for the Banded triaxial cells) or by the de-airing block 28-WF4459 (for the Standard triaxial cells).
No need of Data acquisition system, so it can be use for triaxial test with manual mechanical measuring mode.
This digital pressure gauge consists of a long-term steady analogic section, and of a 16 bit converter A/D which guarantees 65000 internal divisions. The unit has internal batteries with 1-year autonomy, which is also guaranteed by the AUTO-POWER-OFF function which activates if in 30 minutes any measurement change is not detected. The unit is fit with a multiplexer selector switch.
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Technical specifications

  • Displays: 4x20 characters display
  • Measuring units (programmable): mbar, bar, MPa, kPa, p.s.i.
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% full scale
  • Scanning rate: 50 readings per second
  • Dimensions (lxdxh): 120x130x75 mm
  • Weight approx.: 1 kg

Ordering info

Three channels digital readout unit for pore pressure measurement. Battery operated.


Pressure transducer, 10 bar

Pressure transducer, 20 bar

Pressure transducer, 35 bar

De-airing block for pressure transducers. For Banded triaxial cells.

De-airing block for pressure transducers. For Standard triaxial cells.