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Permeability system using triaxial cell

ASTM D5084 | BS 1377:6 | CEN-ISO/TS 17892-11
General description
General description
This system has been developed for the laboratory measurement of the hydraulic conductivity (coefficient of permeability) of water saturated porous materials. The test is performed using a triaxial cell fit with 5 no-volume change valves: 2 for upper drainage, 2 for lower drainage and 1 for water pressure. The cell is connected with three independent pressure systems for the cell fluid, the  drainage line to the top of the specimen and the drainage line to the base of the specimen. The complete test system includes:
  • Triaxial cell with accessories for 38, 50, 70 or 100 mm specimens
  • Pressure control panel, three pressure lines
  • Bladder type air/water pressure system
  • De-airing water system and accessories
The test can also be performed with three triaxial cells.
The complete list of items is listed on the table.
For more information on the listed items see :
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Air/Water pressure system and controls panels
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Ordering info

Permeability testing system for water-saturated porous materials
The system includes a number of standard testing items which are listed in the following table.

Typical configuration of a system for permeability test on one triaxial cell for 70 mm* dia specimens
Code Description Q.ty
28-WF4070  Banded triaxial cell 70 mm dia 1
28-WF4071/7 Pedestal 1
28-WF4072/A Top cap with drainage leeds 1
28-WF4074 Pair of porous discs 1
28-WF4075 Rubber membranes (10 pieces) 1
28-WF4076 O ring (10 pieces) 1
28-WF4071/A Membrane stretcher 1
28-WF4071/B O ring placing tool 1
28-WF4071/C Three parts split mould 1
28-WF4071/D Two parts split former 1
28-WF4071/F Filter discs (100 pieces) 1
28-WF4071/G Hand sampler 1
28-WF6300 Pressure transducer 2
28-WF6310 De-airing block 2
28-WF4450 3 channels digital readout unit 1
28-WF4331 Triaxial panel for three pressure lines 1
28-WF4330/2 Digital pressure gauge 1
28-WF4320 Bladder air/water cylinder 3
28-WF4400 Double burette volume change apparatus 2
28-WF4221/A De-airing tank, 23 liters capacity 1
28-WF2001 Vacuum pump 1
86-D2005 Air drying unit 1
86-D0819 Silica gel with indicator, 1000 g 1
86-D2064 Rubber tube for vacuum 2
28-WF4225 Valve panel for de-airing tank 1
86-D2015 Air compressor 1
28-WF2016/2 Air filter/water trap for air compressor 1
28-WF4191 Nylon tube ID 6 x OD 8 mm, 20 m 2
*The test can be, obviously, performed with other cell and sample diameter, selecting the items conforming to the above criteria.
Note: electrically operated items are wired for 230 V, 50 Hz. 220 V, 60 Hz and 110 V 50 Hz are also available. See the various links.


Permeability Geo-Analysis template. MS Excel application for importing test data, calculatingand plotting results and producing test report in accordance with BS1377: 6