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Permeability cells

General description
General description
The permeability cells are available with brass valves and related accessories for normal use and with stainless steel valves for use with contaminated soils. The toxic interface chamber 28-WF0194/3 is recommended to be fit between control panel and permeability cells to avoid toxic permeants from entering control panel. This also prevents contact of air with the permeant, thus no toxic or corrosive vapours can escape into the laboratory.
  • Dimensions: 300x355 mm (h) approx.
  • Weight approx.: 5 kg
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Ordering info

Permeability cell with brass valves for normal use

Permeability cell with stainless steel valves for use with contaminated soils


Top caps, base pedestals and sample accessories
  Sample 70mm dia. Sample 100mm dia.
Top cap and base pedestal
for normal use
28-WF0194/A1 28-WF0194/A2
ap and base pedestal
for contaminated materials
28-WF0194/B1 28-WF0194/B2
Porous disks 28-WF4074 28-WF4104
Membranes 28-WF4075 28-WF4105
o-Rings 28-WF4076 28-WF4106
O-ring placing tool 28-WF4071/B 28-WF4101/B
Suction device 28-WF4071/A 28-WF4101/A
Two part split former 28-WF4071/D 28-WF4101/D

Toxic interface chamber

Template  for data processing 


Permeability Geo-Analysis template. MS Excel application for importing test data, calculatingand plotting results and producing test report in accordance with BS1377: 6      

Additional Information

Typical configuration of a system for permeability test with permeability cells for normal or contaminated soil samples 100 mm dia.
Code Description Q.ty
28-WF0194/A Cell with brass valves 1
28-WF0194/B Cell with stainless valves for contaminated soils 1
28-WF0194/A2 Top cap and base pedestal 100 mm dia. 1
28-WF0194/B2 Top cap and base pedestal 100 mm dia. for
Contaminated materials
28-WF0194/3 Toxic interface chamber 2
28-WF4105 Rubber membranes, 10 pieces 1
28-WF4106 0-Rings, 10 pieces 1
28-WF4101/A Membrane stretcher 1
28-WF4101/D Split former 1
28-WF4101/B O-Ring placing tool 1
28-WF6300 Pressure transducer, 10 bar 2
28-WF6310 De-airing block 2
28-WF4450 3 channels digital readout unit 1
28-WF4331 Pressure control panel, 3 lines 1
28-WF4330/2 Digital pressure gauge 1
28-WF4400 Double burette volume change apparatus 2
28-WF4220/A De-airing tank, 7 liters cap. 1
28-WF4202 De-airing water apparatus 1
28-WF4191 Nylon tubing 6x8 mm dia., 10 m 2
86-D2015 Air compressor, 50 liters 1
28-WF2016/2 Air filter/Water trap for air compressor 1
28-WF4320 Bladder Air/Water cylinder 3