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Oedometers, front loading

BS 1377:5 | ASTM D2435 | ASTM D3877 | ASTM D4546 | AASHTO T216 | NF P94-090-1 | NF P94-091 | UNE 103-405 | UNE 103-602
Main features
General description
General description
This test determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of a soil specimen restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive increments of vertical loads.
The oedometer consists of a rigid aluminium alloy frame to avoid any distortion under load. The lever arm assembly is supported in precision self- aligning bearings and has three hanger positions for 9:1, 10:1 and 11:1 ratio. The oedometers fit with linear potentiometric transducers, can be connected to Data acquisition unit.
The consolidation test can also be automatically performed with the  Automatic Cmputerized oEdometer. Consolidation cells, dial gauge/displacement transducer, weight sets and bench are not included and have to be ordered separately. See accessories.
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Technical specifications

  • Max loading (using 11:1 beam ratio): 1848 kg, corresponding to 9.061 MPa (92.40 kgf/cm2) on 20 cm2 specimen (50.47 mm dia.)
  • Overall dimensions: 500x200x750 mm (height less hanger xwidthx length)
  • Weight approx.: 21 kg

Ordering info

Front loading oedometer


Consolidation cells
To perform either standard or permeability test
Model 26- Specimen
Dia. x height [mm]
Specimen area [cm2] Cell dimension
Dia. x height [mm]
Weight [kg] Calibration disk
WF0320 50.47x20 20 139x74 1.3 26-WF0320/9
WF0321 63.50x20 31.67 139x74 1.3 26-WF0321/9
WF0325 71.40x20 40 139x74 1.3 26-WF0325/9
WF0326 75x20 44.16 139x74 1.3 26-WF0326/9
WF0335 112.80x25 100 200x74 3 26-WF0335/9


Weight sets
Weight set, 64 kg in total, including: 2x0.250, 1x0.500, 1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 7x8 kg weights.

Weight set, 80 kg in total, including: 2x0.250, 3x0.500, 1x1, 1x2, 3x5, 6x10 kg weights.
Slotted steel weights

Axial displacement dial indicators/linear transducers
Dial gauge, 12 mm travel x 0.002 mm divisions, anticlockwise rotation.

Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel

Transducer extension cable, 6 m long

Transducer extension cable, 12 m long

Permeability attachment
Permeability attachment with 50 ml graduated burette . Complete with clamps, stand and rubber hose for connection to the cell. Weight 4 kg.

Consolidation bench
Bench for up to three oedometers. Overall dimensions: 960x1000x700 (hxlxw)

Data acquisition and processing
Data acquisition unit, GEODATALOG 8

Consolidation cells spare parts

Code model. 26-WF0320 26-WF0321 26-WF0325 26-WF0326 26-WF0335
Dia. sample.[mm] 50.47 63.50 71.40 75 112.8
Upper porous disk 26-WF0320/4 26-WF0321/4 26-WF0325/4 26-WF0326/4 26-WF0335/4
Lower porous disk 26-WF0325/10 26-WF0326/10 26-WF0325/10 26-WF0326/10 26-WF0335/10
Cutting ring 26-WF0320/3 26-WF0321/3 26-WF0325/3 26-WF0326/3 26-WF0335/3


Additional Information

Weight application guide
This information is intended for making easy the weight selection conforming to the cell size, the lever ratio and the max load applied.

Cell Model WF0320 WF0321 WF0325 WF0326 WF0335
Area [cm2] 20 31.67 40 44.16 100
Beam ratio 1:10 1:11 1:10 1:9 1:10
Max pressure [kg/cm2] 32 [kg/cm2] 64 [kg/cm2] 20 [t/ft2] 64 [t/ft2] 16 [kg/cm2] 32 [kg/cm2] 16 [kg/cm2] 32 [kg/cm2] 8 [kg/cm2] 16  [kg/cm2]
Weight set 26-WF0230/C2 X X X X X X - - - -
Weight set 26-WF0230/D2 - - - - - - X X X X
Add. Weight 8 x 27-WF0275/A - X - X - X - X - X
Total weight [kg] 64 128 64 128 64 128 80 160 80 160