Controls Group Hydraulic consolidation cell for unsatureted samples Hydraulic consolidation cell for unsatureted samples
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Soil mechanics

Hydraulic consolidation cell for unsatureted samples

Main features
  • Hydraulic loading
  • For saturated and unsaturated specimens
  • Use of the High Air Entry Stone (HAES)
  • Measurement of pore and back pressure during testing
  • Accurate permeability measurements
General description
General description
The Hydrocon SWCC consolidation apparatus is used to determine the magnitude and rate of settlement and pressure of unsaturated soil specimens. Because of the low permeability of some materials, performing a drying and wetting stage can take several weeks. The Hydrocon SWCC cell is a flexible soil testing apparatus capable of applying uniaxial pressures of up to 3500 kPa to a 100 mm diameter specimen. Its base is fitted with a High Air Entry Stone (HAES) which enables a soil/water characteristic suction curve to be obtained. This type of stone allows water to pass through but not air so that the soil matrix potential can be controlled at various values: 1,5 and 15 bar. During a test it is possible to load the soil specimen in such a way that the overburden pressure in the field is recreated, whilst measuring the chamber and pore water pressure using a pressure transducer and the vertical settlement using a linear strain transducer.
As the Hydrocon SWCC is a confined consolidation system, it is possible to measure both pore and back pressure during testing and to make accurate permeability measurements.
For a complete system, see the table showing a typical test set configuration.

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Technical specifications

  • Manufactured from anodized light alloy, complete with 4 valves, top loading porous disk, compensator ring, 2 bar High Air Entry Stone sealed on aluminium ring.
  • For 100 mm dia. soil samples
  • Maximum working pressure: 3500 kPa
  • Overall dimensios (dxh): 260x450 mm
  • Weight approx.: 10 kg

Ordering info

Hydrocon SWCC consolidation cell for 100 mm dia. unsaturated samples


High Air Entry Stone (HAES) 

Code Capacity [bar]
26-WF0346/5B 5
26-WF0346/15B 15

Ex: 26-WF0346/1B 
1 bar High Air Entry Stone for 100 mm dial sample suitable for Hydrocon SWCC mod. 26-WF0346

Additional Information

Typical test set configuration
  Hydrocone for SWCC curve 
  Code Qnt.
Hydrocone for SWCC 26-WF0346 1
Air pressure system for top drainage
Triaxial panel three-way for three pressures lines 28-WF4330 1
Air compressor 10 bar, 50 litres cap. 86-D2015 1
Air filter/water trap 28-WF2016/2 1
Pressure Hydraulic consolidation 
Hydromatic 3500kPa 28-WF45DG 1
Nylon tubing, OD 8mm/ 6mm, 10m 28-WF4191 1
De airing water system 
De-airing tank, 7 litres capacity 28-WF4220/A 1
Valve panel for de-airing tank 28-WF4225 1
Vacuum pump 28-WF2001 1
Rubber tube 28-WF2064 2
Air drying unit 86-D2005 1
Dearite 86-D0819 2
Electronic measuring system 
Linear pot.transducer 10 mm 30-WF6207 1
press transducer 28-WF6302/A 2
De-airing block for pressure transducer 28-WF6310 2
Geodatalog 30-WF6008 1
  82-P9008/ELT 1
NOTE: PC provide locally
Transducer extension cable 6 m long 30-WF6042 4 as opt
Hydrocon SWCC Template BS 1377 parte  30-WF6016/T13 1