Controls Group Consolidation bench for shear boxes Consolidation bench for shear boxes 27-WF0226
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Consolidation bench for shear boxes

General description
General description
Used to apply a constant load on a sample placed on a shear box to reduce the testing time when more than one sample has to be tested and one machine onlly is available.
It consists of a steel frame complete with centering plates and three load frames carrying the weights and three loading devices with load amplication leverage 10:1. The frame which can recieve up 3 shear boxes requires displacement transducers or dial gauges to measure the settlement and a set of weights to apply the load.      
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Technical specifications

- 3 load frames
- 3 loading devices with load amplification leverage 10:1
- Up to 3 shear boxes
- Dimension: 2310x500x1215mm
- Weight approx: 120 kg

Ordering info

27-WF0226 Consolidation bench up to 3 shear boxes


Shear box assemblies

Slotted steel weights

30-WF6401 Dial gauge 12mm travel x 0.002mm subdivision, anticlockwise rotation

30-WF6207 Linear potential transducers 10mm travel