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Complete de-airing water system

General description
General description
De-airing the water, that will be used to fill triaxial cells, pressure systems and volume change measurement apparatus, is essential for properly saturating soil specimens.
The system comprises the following:
- A de-airing tank (two versions are available with 7 or 23 L capacity)
- Vacuum pump with air drying unit
- Valve panel
- Tubing and accessories

De-airing tank 
The tanks consist of a transparent acrylic cylinder fitted with a water spray inlet, an air outlet, a water outlet and a metal stand which can be wall-mounted at a suitable level to fill the triaxial system by gravity. teo model are available 7 and 23 l capacity.

Vaccum pump with drying unit 
The vacuum pump 86-D2001 has to be used with the air drying unit (86-D2005) filled with silica gel desiccant (86-D0819). This is recommended to avoid/limit water vapour mixing with the oil in the pump, which, in significant concentrations, may cause serious damage to the pump. When the pump will be used intensively, use of the outlet mist filter (86-D2001/3) is also recommended, which collects any oil vapour issuing from the oil reservoir during operation.

Valve panel 
This panel controls the water going in and out of the de-airing tank. For connecting the de-airing tank to the vacuum pump. Includes water tap connection and two de-aired water outlets.
The valve panel, 28-WF4225, is usually affixed to the laboratory wall directly underneath the de-airing tank at a suitable height to be operated by hand. 


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Technical specifications

De airing water tank 

  28-WF4220/A 28-WF4221/A
Capacity [l] 7 23
Overall dimensions [mm] 579 x 200 x 209 619 x 320 x 311
Weight [ kg] 6.4  12

Vacuum pump, air drying unit and accessories 

86-D2001 - Vacuum pump 
- Free air displacement: 75 L/min
- Ultimate vacuum: 0.1 mbar
- Power: 180 W
- Dimensions: 300 x 150 x 240 mm (approx.)
- Weight: 8.5 kg (approx.)

86-D2005 Air drying unit
- Plastic frame with acrylic cylinder
- Dessicant capacity: 500 g (approx.)
- Overall dimensions: 185 mm diameterx 300 mm
- Weight: 1 kg (empty, approx.)
86-D2001/3 Outlet mist filter (optional)
- Weight: 0.7 kg (approx.)

Valve panel 


- Dimensions: 510 x 200 x 30 mm
- Weight: 3 kg (approx.)

Ordering info

De-Airing tanks 


De-airing tank, 7 liters capacity
De-airing tank, 23 liters capacity

Vacuum pump 

 Portable vacuum pump, free air displacement 75 l/min, ultimate vacuum 0.1 mbar. 230V/50-60Hz/1Ph 
 Air drying unit. For use with Silica gel with indicator, 86-D0819                           

Valve panel 

 Valve panel for use with de-airing tank  


Nylon tubing 6mm bore x 8mm outside diameter, 10 metre length                                

Rubber tube dia 6.5 x 16.5 mm 2 m long, for vacuum pumps                                             


Coalescent filter suitable for vacuum pump