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Transforming your Soil and Rock Testing Capability

Our easy-to-use range of automatic, static and dynamic triaxial testing machines includes systems that benefit from the cutting-edge EmS technology.
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Trusted Expertise

Since 1941, Wykeham Farrance has been instrumental in the development of internationally recognized testing systems that are capable of replicating complex phenomena in a laboratory environment.

Soil Mechanics

Our product development process helps to future-proof your lab. We design each of our machines to be completely modular, giving you maximum flexibility.
Start with an entry-level system with manual or electronic data acquisition and move to a more advanced fully automatic PC-controlled system.

By incorporating testing automation and Electromechanical Servoactuation technology (EmS) in all our products, your laboratory will benefit from equipment that is efficient at producing accurate and repeatable results time after time, enhancing your lab's reputation.

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Rock Mechanics

Rock mechanics is an important field of geotechnical engineering as it is the theoretical and applied science concerning the physical behavior of rocks and rock masses.

We offer an extensive range of modern laboratory solutions for strength, stiffness and durability determinations according to international standards suitable for a wide range of rock types. When a rock sample is subjected to defined stress conditions in the laboratory, the stress-strain diagram can also show non-linear relations for very small strains, hysteresis, anisotropy, etc. All these phenomena can be mathematically described and used for mechanical design simulations.

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