Sulphate content

BS 1377:3
General description
Two model are available:

Rapid method (BS 812:117 | ASTM C88 | AASTHO T104 | EN 1367-2)
Sulphate test strip, detection range 200 to 1600 mg/l. Useful for preliminary assessment of sulphate ions in aqueous solutions.
Weight approx.: 10 g

Laboratory method - Ion exchange apparatus (BS 1377:3)
Used for determining the sulphate content of ground water and aqueous soil extracts. It consists of a ion exchange column 400 mm long and 10 mm dia., a swan-neck outlet and a 1500 ml round bottom flask to give a constant head. The apparatus is supplied assembled on a stand.
Dimensions: 200x100x600 mm
Weight approx.: 5 kg

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Ion exchange apparatus

Sulphate test strips, detection range 200 to 1600 mg/l. Pack of 100


Ion exchange resin, 500 g. For 24-D1840