Dynamic penetrometer motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight

DIN 4094
General description
The apparatus comprises a 4 stroke engine which drives, through a flexible shaft, the lifting mechanism, a 20 kg weight, a 10 kg supplementary weight, 10 rods, 5 cones each of 500 and 1000 mm2 size, and rod lifting device. The heaviest part of this apparatus is 20 kg dropping weight so it is very simple to use and easy to carry on site. The apparatus satisfy DIN 4094 standards for medium weight test apparatus 30 kg mass x 20 cm drop height. We suggest the accessory 16-T0013/E1 to make easier the use of the apparatus.

Technical specifications

-1.9 kW 4 stroke engine
-Driving rate: up to 45 blows/min
-Fall height: 20 cm
-Drop weight: 20 or 20 + 10 kg
- Total net weight: 70 kg approx. (without sounding rods and accessories)

Ordering info

Motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight dynamic penetrometer 


Tripod for hanging the lifting mechanism. including hand winch, hook and height adjustment lever.
-Max. height 2300mm
- Weight approx: 18 kg

Spare extension rod 1 m long for 16-T0013/E

Adapter M-M for extension rod model 16-T0013/E2 

Drive conical point, 500 mm2 area, 25.2 mm dia, 90° angle. Not threaded

Drive conical point, 1000 mm2 area, 35.6 mm dia, 90° angle. Not threaded