Dial penetrometers

General description
Three versions  available: 16-T0160 and 16-T0162 respectivety for soft soil and medium/hard soil; 16-T0161 complete with 5 different plungers used to evaluate the angle of internal friction  of sandy soil and the cohesion in clay soils.  They all include a peak hold feature with 0 setting by push button.

Technical specifications

Models Scale [kgf/cm2] Plunger (Tip) dia. [mm]
16-T0160 0-6 6.35
16-T0162 0-14 6.35
16-T0161 0-6 / 0-11 (dual) 6.35, 10, 15, 20, 25
Dial diameter: 60 mm
Weight approx.: 300 g

Ordering info

Dial penetrometer, 0 to 6 kgf/cm2  scale

Dial penetrometer, 0 to 14 kgf/cm2 scale

Geopocket dial penetrometer, dual scale, 0 to 6 kgf/cm2 and 0 to 11 kgf/cm2.