Concrete test hammer

EN 12504-2 | ASTM C805
General description
The concrete test hammer is used to evaluate the surface hardness of hardened concrete in order to evaluate the strength in various parts of the structure. 

Technical specifications

Main features:
  • Impact energy: 2.207 Nm
  • Measurement range: 10 to 70 N/mm2
  • Aluminium case, complete with carrrying case, grinding stone and instruction manual
  • Case dimension: 190x100x350 mm
  • Weight approx.: 1.5 kg

Ordering info

Concrete test hammer type N. Aluminium body. Supplied with hard plastic carrying case. 
Conforming to EN 12504-2 and ASTM C805  

Concrete test hammer type N. Aluminium body, supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate and carrying case.
Conforming to EN 
12504-2 and ASTM C805                                   


Calibration anvil.
Used for the periodical calibration of the concrete test hammer 58-C0181/C and 58-C0181/DGT. Made from special alloy steel.
  • Dimensions 150 mm dia. x 230 mm height.
  • Weight approx.: 16 kg

Scale graduated in p.s.i. for 58-C0181/C and 58-C0181/C1