Potential alkali-silica reactivity of aggregates. Chemical method

ASTM C289 | NF P94-048 | UNI 8520-22
General description
ASTM, NF, UNE and UNI standard use the reaction container code 48-D0545 for the chemical determination of potential reactivity of aggregates with alkalies in Portland cement concrete. Other apparatus are also needed, for example the Jar Milles models 48-D0544 and 48-D0544/A (see link to other products below).
UNI 8520-22 also requires the Three gang mould 25x25x280 mm code 62L0009/A.

The 48-D0545 container is made from stainless steel and is fit with an airtight cover. Capacity 59 cm3 approx.
The 62-L0009/A mould, is made from steel having a minimum surface hardness of HV200.
The measurement of the 25x25x280 mm specimen is performed with the Length Comparator.  See accessories and link to other products below.

Ordering info

Reaction container

Three gang mould 25x25x280 mm (gauge length 294 mm)


Digital length comparator 12.5x0.001 mm, with output for PC connection (special cable 82-D1261/LINK required)

Serial cable for PC connection

Reference rod, 294 mm

Spare plugs for 62-L0009/A. Pack of 20