Rock Testing Equipment

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Laboratory core trimmer and cut-off machine

This section includes equipment used in conjunction or in addition to the typical uniaxial and triaxial test they mainly cover Specimen Preparation, Classification Tests, Behaviour of Joints, Abrasion/Durability.

Rock Shear Box Apparatus

Used for determining the strength and slope stability of rock.

Concrete/Rock Specimen Grinding Machine

Used to grind and polish concrete specimens, natural stones, ceramic materials, etc.

Abrasion Testing Machine

Used for determining the resistance to abrasion/wear of natural stones.

Bohme Abrasion Wheel Tester

Used for testing of: natural stones, concrete paving blocks, flags, kerbs, screed materials...

Digital Rock Strength Index Apparatus

Used for measuring rock strength index on rock cylinders and irregular shaped samples.

Joint Roughness Coefficient Test Device

Used for calculating the JRC of a rock or joint.

Laboratory Core Trimmer, Cut-off and Grinding Machine

The laboratory Core trimmer machine allows you to prepare a rock core specimen

Laboratory Coring Machine and Bits

Specifically used in the laboratory for cutting core samples from hard materials.

Profilometers (Barton Comb)

Used for measurement of the roughness profile of rock samples.

Rock Classification Hammer

Used to measure the rebound index on rock cores and samples.

Rock Permeability Equipment

Used for measuring rock permeability.

Rock Piks and Hardness Scale

Used for preliminary rock identification.

Rock Sample Verification Apparatus

Used to verify the dimensional and shape tolerances of rock core specimens up to 75 mm dia.

Rock, Concrete and Masonry Saw

Universal saw can be used to cut concrete / rock cores and irregular rock samples.

Slake Durability Apparatus

Used for assessing the deterioration of rocks when subjected to water immersion.