Road Quality Testing

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Skid tester

This section includes a range of products to investigate the superficial properties of pavements, including the in-situ permeability of porous asphalt, the evenness, friction and macro-texture of the wearing course layer. Also, a range of testing machines to investigate the mechanical properties of pavement surface treatments, like Slurry Seal, are included.

Bearing Plate Test Apparatus, NF and Benkelman Beam

To determine the bearing capacity and deflection of subgrade and subbase of roads.

Benkelman Beam Apparatus

The apparatus is used to measure the deflection of pavements under a moving wheel load.

Cohesion Tester

For determining the proper consistency (mix design) for a slurry seal mixture.

Indentation Penetrometer

The test method is used for determining the depth of indentation of mastic and rolled asphalt.

MOT Straightedge

Used to measure irregularities in road pavement.

Permeameter for Draining Pavements

For measuring the water percolation time through the draining pavements.

Permeameter for Draining Pavements. Autostrade Method

For measuring the water percolation time through the draining pavements, Autostrade method.

Planetary Stirrer for Abrasion Test

For determining the resistance to abrasion of slurry mixtures.

Radial Flow Falling Head Permeameter

To measure the on-site radial flow permeabolity of a porous asphalt.

Rate of Spread Apparatus

For determining the rate of spread of binder on the surface of the road.

Sand Absorption Cone and Tamper for Consistency

This item is also used for determining the specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregates

Sand Patch Apparatus

To measure the macro-texture of an asphalt pavement.

Skid Resistance Tester

Used for the measurement of surface friction properties.

Van Asbeck Apparatus for Flexibility Test on Hydraulic Bituminous Mixes

To test and assess the flexibility property and impermeability of asphalt mixes in dams.

Vialit Adhesion Test Apparatus

Used to assess the adhesion property of aggregates to bitumen.