Future-proof your Lab


Retrofit your Manually-controlled Machine

Today’s materials testing industry demands total accuracy and strict conformity to international standards.
Our new range of stand-alone consoles will convert any frame, from any brand, into an automatic system that meets the demands of 21st century concrete and cement testing.

Retrofit in Three Easy Steps

Get rid of the existing by disconnecting and removing the hydraulic pump and display or Bourdon gauge fitted on the machine.

Connect the control console by using a new hose and pressure transducer and perform load calibration.

START testing and enjoy all the benefits of automatic testing!

What our Customers Say About Us

Automation is a key component to the new technology. To be able to walk away from the machine to get something else done is a huge plus for us... We break cylinders, cubes, beams and grind cylinders so being able to have multiple tasks working at the same time allows us to get so much more accomplished in a day...

Tom Kowalewski,
Lab Supervisor,
Votorantim Cimentos – Prairie Material LLC

Why Upgrade

Today’s materials testing industry demand total accuracy and strict conformity to international standards. Manually-controlled machines require the operator to adjust the load rate manually. This can lead to errors in data results and inconsistent testing.

Stay competitive without a big investment

Run more consistent and accurate tests

Enjoy smart connectivity features

Ideal solution for all operator’s experience

Let test run automatically without affecting test results

Wide range from entry to complex testing requirements