Tech Articles Review - Concrete and cement

Press 2019

  • Interview with Alvaro Belena and Manel Martos - Carreteras, 2do Trimestre 2019 New interview with Àlvaro Beleña, Commercial Director for the Americas, and Manel... More info
  • Controls rethinks compression machines - World Highways, June 2019 CONTROLS is aming to stay one step ahead of its competitors with a new suite of fully automatic... More info
  • Advanced testing from CONTROLS - Construction & Road technology live Bauma 2019, April 2019 Controls is introducing the Automax PRO 3000 kN compression machine with features high stiffness... More info

Press 2018

  • CONTROLS reaches 50 - World Highways, June 2018 Testing equipment specialist CONTROLS Group is celebrating its 50 years of supplying testing... More info
  • CONTROLS: 50 years of success-Macchine edili, October 2018 More info
  • Solid State - International Constructions, September 2018 It is an oft-quoted fact that concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the... More info

Press 2016

  • SAMOA GEARS UP WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY FOR CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION AND COMPETITION CHALLENGES - CPI - 4 - 2016 CONTROLS equipment in Western Samoa, the nice and  small island state in South Pacific, 4-hour... More info
  • NEW TESTING EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES - World Highways - March 2016 This month's round up looks at the new equipment from a number of manufacturers... More info

Press 2015

  • MATERIALS AND MACHINES: A PERFECT COMBINATION - Construction Machinery World - April 2015 Innovation, sustainability, architectural excellence. At the «i.lab» of Italcementi, a... More info

Press 2014

  • MADE IN SWITZERLAND - Macchine Edili - September 2014 Airlight Energy has recently completed a thermodynamic plant in Ait Baha, near Agadir, in Morocco:... More info

Press 2013

  • BAUMA 2013: SEVEN QUESTIONS TO MR. DI IORIO, CEO OF CONTROLS GROUP - Machinery & Components - April 2013 How have the needs of customers in terms of materials testing equipment changed over time?.. More info
  • LOW EMBODIED ENERGY CEMENTS BASED ON SULFOALUMINATES Very high physical-mechanical performance. Unlike conventional Portland cements, sulfoaluminate... More info

Press 2010

  • AUTOMATING CONCRETE AND MORTAR ELASTIC MODULUS TEST REPORTS - CPI Worldwide - May 2010 Whilst the severity of the recession in the construction sector seems never ending, new testing... More info
  • QUALITY INSPECTION - IMPROVE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH AUTOMATION OF CONCRETE TESTING LABORATORIES - BFT - April 2010 For control purposes concrete is normally required to be tested under uniaxial compression, indirect... More info
  • ROUND DETERMINATE PANEL TESTING - CPI - March 2010 The construction industry has taken considerable strides forwards over the last two decades. More info
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND INSTRUCTION MANUALS: A DUTY TO CLIENTS - CPI - June 2010 Controls service center is always available to help clients with the thousands of machines that are... More info
  • A MACHINE OF THE FUTURE WHICH COMES FROM THE PAST - CPI - February 2010 The new range of Pilot 4 compression machines include "Energy Saving" technology (ES... More info
  • BAUMA 2010: CONTROLS HIGH QUALITY IN TESTING - Machinery & Components - April 2010 What does BAUMA and therefore the German and obviously the international market represent for... More info
  • HIGHER RELIABILITY OF ULTRASONIC TESTING OF CONCRETE - BFT - December 2010 - The objective of the study carried out was to improve the reliability of in-situ ultrasonic testing... More info

Press 2007

  • SERVOHYDRAULIC CONTROL UNIT FOR A WIDE RANGE OF MECHANICAL ANALYSES - CPI - February 2007 The Advantest 9 allows the IMM to conduct a wide range of mechanical analysis on samples of various... More info

Press 2006

  • TESTING OF NO-SLUMP CONCRETE WITH GYRATORY COMPACTOR - CPI Concrete Plant International - October 2006 Fresh concrete is generally considered no-slump if it has a slupm less than 2 cm and a VeBe time... More info

Press 2005

  • WHY THE NEW CONCRETES DO NOT "TAKE OFF" - BFT - October 2005 - The technical advance in the building trade is less marked than in other sectors.  More info