Physical and Chemical Properties

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Inorganic binders have had a role in the construction industry since pre-classical times and, after successive transformations, are today briefly classified as cements, limes and plasters. Today, the various types of binders are well known, particularly cements, and they are becoming ever more sophisticated with pre-mixed cements designed to satisfy specific structural requirements.

Le Chatelier Flask

Used to determine the specific gravity of hydraulic cement and lime.

MULTIPURPOSE 500-600 and 500-600/15 kN Cement Compression and Flexural Machines, Multipurpose Models. WIZARD AUTO Control System

WIZARD AUTO Standard Automatic compression machines

Standard Vicat Apparatus

The Vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. ASTM/EN method.

Automatic Vicat Apparatus

Automatic setting time testers for cement and mortar.

Le Chatelier Moulds

Used for determining the expansion of cement. The mould consists of a spring tensioned..

Two Gang Prism Mould 25x25x285 mm to ASTM

This mould is used for the Expansion of Portland cement

Air Content Meters

These apparatus have been designed to determine the bair content in cement  mortar, cement past

Autoclave, High Pressure

The autoclave consists of a high-pressure steam vessel for cement expansion tests.

Blaine Fineness Apparatus

Used to determine the particle size of Portland cement, limes and similar powders

Bulk Density of Cement

Used to determine the bulk density of cement


Two versions available: with standard Beckman thermometer and with digital high resolution.

Carbon Dioxide Content in Cement

The testing equipment consists of: Y-piece with Mohr clip; CO2 absorption tower for gas...

Cement Samplers

Made of brass. two versions are available.

Flow Tables for Mortar and Building Lime

Used to determine the consistency of mortars and building lime.

Gillmore Apparatus

Use to determine the setting time of cement. The apparatus consists of two horizontal arms...

Hydraulic Shrinkage Mould 40x40x160 mm

The 62-L0009/G version is used for the determination of linear shrinkage of cement mortars.

Length Comparator

Is used for a number of length measurements concerning mainly cement and mortar specimens

Mortar Bar Container

Used for determining the potential alkali reactivity of cement aggragate combination.