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IMACS2 & UTS Neutron

Building on 30 years’ experience as leading manufacturer and trusted partner of advanced dynamic testing systems for the asphalts and other pavement materials,
IPC Global are proud to launch their 3rd generation IMACS2 Integrated

Multi-Axis Control & data-acquisition System and UTS Neutron dynamic
materials testing and analysis software.

IMACS2 – IPC Global’s ultimate controller for testing machines
Whether you are performing cutting-edge research on new materials or routine materials quality tests, optimum control and test precision are essential. By harnessing advances in electronics and employing ingenious hardware and software design, our unique controller will address all testing needs in terms of performance, accuracy and flexibility.

Continuing our pioneering tradition of innovation and cutting-edge design
Derived from the acclaimed, trusted and well-loved IPC Global IMACS controller’s heritage, you can have total confidence in the new world-class IMACS2 control and data-acquisition. The really impressive specification including 24bit data resolution, up-to 200kHz data sampling, plus 5 to 25kHz loop closure and in-built colour display will provide a level of control, waveform fidelity and purity of data that is second to none. You can be assured that your tests are performed with minimum variability, precisely to specification and results are totally accurate with no peak, trough or failure point being missed.

Modular expandability
IMACS2 has been designed to be modular and scalable so you can add additional axes of control and data acquisition channels when required. The smart “Plug & Play” transducers will eliminate set-up errors and save valuable time. Plug-in any compatible transducers and the controller knows what to do.
An innovative double-control facility will be available to allow users to set-up tests directly on the controller as well as from a PC ensuring valuable test continuity in an event of PC disconnection.

Maximum flexibility
To further maximize the systems versatility, IMACS2 has been designed with the most comprehensive and advanced array of external interfaces giving you the ability to interface with and control almost any system, including Gigabit and 100Mb ethernet, USB, RS232/485, CAN bus, GPIO, ESTOP, HDMI, Servo valve outputs, solenoid outputs, servo motor control, encoders and more!

Superior Storage and remote connectivity
The multiple data storage options include internal storage for data protection, USB ports and ethernet. Plus using the ethernet, the system can seamlessly connect to your network and be accessed remotely for system diagnostics, training, advanced support and firmware updates.
IMACS 2 and UTS Neutron adoption:
  • The high-performance controller option for IPC Global dynamic machines: UTMs, AMPT Pro, AsphaltQube, AMPTQube
  • Due to its flexibility and open architecture, it can effectively retrofit almost any existing testing system (limits apply)
  • Previous generation IMACS and UTS are still proposed as standard in-built controller suitable when less demanding specification or lower price are required

Future proof
The extremely powerful platform is designed to allow continuous additions of new functions which will be made available to the users ensuring the controller is up-to-date with the very latest technology and innovations. Right-now, in spite of the cutting-edge performance, we are only using a small portion of its power. The potential for further development is practically unlimited.

UTS Neutron — Universal Testing Software
As easy as you need, as complex as you want.

Totally versatile
UTS Neutron has been developed to provide the ultimate in flexible yet easy materials testing software for all types of users.
No two customers are the same, and nor are their testing requirements. For example, a quality manager may want to quickly set-up tests and configure them so that technicians only have access to change parameters that are essential to run a test e.g. dimensions, batch identifiers, etc. Whilst a research scientist or pavement engineer may wish to reconfigure a standard test or create something unique for their research program.

Seamless migration
Existing customers with IMACS and UTS software can relax knowing that their systems are safe. Designed to provide continuity for existing IMACS users and IMACS2 users alike, UTS Neutron ensures total forwards and backwards compatibility allowing both UTS & UTS Neutron to be used with both controllers.

Increased flexibility and control
Listening to customer feedback has resulted in a software that delivers increased flexibility, versatility and the right level of functionality for ALL user levels.

Multiple versions and access-rights perfectly tailored to meet all needs
Three licence levels
  • UTS Neutron EssentialEasy Testing to EN/ASTM/AASHTO
    • Familiar UTS based layout but enhanced and more user-friendly
    • Library of pre-programmed test modules complying with the main international Standards e.g. EN/ASTM/AASHTO
    • Multiple languages plus custom language facility
    • Robust reporting with easy custom report creation
  • UTS Neutron Performance – Including graphical Test Editor
Ever wanted to tweak and change an existing test? Now you can do so effortlessly with:
  • UTS Neutron Essential plus
  • Graphic step-by-step test editor
  • In-built easy drag-and-drop icons
  • Edit and save user-defined test sequences and procedures
  • Wizard feature — follow the step-by-step path to accomplish your tests edit goals.
  • UTS Neutron Developer – Advanced test creator (for programmers only)
The power for advanced users looking for a totally open system with the facility to create tests from scratch or open, modify and save new tests from existing templates.
  • UTS Neutron Essential and Performance plus
  • Gives you total flexibility to create and customize tests (including inputs, outputs, calculations, graphs, layout)
  • Allows open advanced programming with Python Scripts
  • Perfectly suited to expert users with programming skills

Totally configurable user-level access-rights
Choose exactly the level of access you want for each of your users and then on entering their username and password, each user will only be given access to make the changes required to complete their work. e.g.
  • QC operator may only need basic access, only allowing them to change and enter settings necessary to perform a test i.e. specimen dimensions, identifiers and date.
  • Laboratory manager may want to select tests from an extensive pre-set library, modify test parameters for an existing test e.g. test frequency, rest period, tuning, create custom reports.
  • Researcher or Chief engineer may want unlimited access to every setting i.e. modify existing tests, create new tests.

We’re listening to customer feedback about their needs and wishes. Adopting the most advanced electronic technologies, we’ve developed a superior controller and testing software that will provide the ultimate in testing machines control, powerful data-acquisition and flexible yet easy software for all types of users.