New range of Stand-alone Automatic Control Consoles
New Product Launch
2021/03/16 - 1 minutes read

CONTROLS is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of stand-alone automatic control consoles allowing you to upgrade your manually-controlled compression machine to automatic load control.

Learn how you can retrofit, in three easy steps, any make of compression testers fitted with old Bourdon gauges or unreliable electronic readout unit and power pumps with manual flow control.

Our stand-alone automatic control consoles will:

  • transform your existing manual or semi-automatic testing system into one that is automatic and fitted with the latest technology;
  • allow your compression machine to connect to ancillary measuring systems and devices (except for WIZARD Auto);
  • perform testing at the correct speed and ensure total compliance with Standards;
  • eliminate operator variables.
Download the dedicated product brochure and watch the short tutorial. Take me there