Acquisition of CONTROLS by Nova Measurements
2020/01/01 - 1 minutes read

MILAN, December 19, 2019 - Controls Group (“CONTROLS”) is excited to announce that it has been acquired by Nova Measurements LLC (“Nova Measurements”).

This acquisition represents an exciting new chapter for CONTROLS, as well as for its customers and employees, who all helped build CONTROLS into the industry leader it is in the civil engineering testing market. By joining Nova Measurements’ specialized investment group, CONTROLS will now move into the future using a proven value-creation strategy, with additional resources, synergies, and capabilities available to further enhance value for its customers and employees around the world. CONTROL’s future is now brighter and more exciting than ever.

“CONTROLS is the ideal company to form the foundation of our new Nova Measurements platform, which is focused on providing the best metering, monitoring, and measuring technologies throughout the world,” said Jim Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Measurements. “We look forward to working with CONTROL’s management team to build upon the company’s long, successful history, continue its mission, vision, and values, and ensure its continued growth by expanding both its product portfolio and its global footprint.”

"CONTROLS is well positioned to grow with a new generation of leadership in Nova Measurements,” says Pasquale Di Iorio, Shareholder, Chairman and CEO of CONTROLS for the last 25 years. “Through Nova Measurements, CONTROLS has access to an ideal platform and resources to continue to pursue our long-held priority of developing the most advanced testing technologies for the civil engineering industry and distributing our products from a worldwide footprint.”

About Nova

Since 2003, Nova has created five globally recognized instrumentation businesses by combining and fostering the growth of premium-quality test, measurement, and sensor companies into cohesive platforms. With the support of Nova, each platform has achieved market leadership in their respective segments.

While companies under Nova’s umbrella benefit from having a strong, experienced parent company in place that can enable each portfolio company to achieve its full potential, each company operates autonomously, retaining its reputable brands and seasoned management teams.

Nova’s management team has decades of direct design, engineering, finance, executive management, global sales, and distribution expertise at leading instrumentation groups. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and strong financial resources to its portfolio companies.