Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To be the civil engineering testing partner our customers can trust to deliver the highest quality products, industry expertise and unrivalled levels of service and technical support anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

To continue to lead the way in the development of advanced testing equipment that create real life-time value for our customers through accuracy of results, ease of use, cost saving and reliability.

Our Values

  • Forward-thinking: we invest in a robust policy of continuous research and product development to comply with the current needs and anticipate future ones.
  • Collaboration: we work in close partnership with our customers to understand their unique requirements. This partnership approach is at the heart of our business and helps us to design and deliver high quality, innovative and affordable testing solutions that will withstand the test of time.
  • Transparency: wherever you are in the world, we give you access to the technical expertise that is relevant to your local market so you can be sure the right level of expert knowledge, pre-sales advice and post-sales technical support is always close at hand.

Customer’s value drives the innovation

CVI-tech is an innovative and distinctive concept driving CONTROLS Group’s development strategy. It ensures that new products, technologies and services provide the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE VALUE for our customers.

CVI-Tech is built on four key principles:

  • Efficient technology
  • Intuitive and smart software
  • Functional industrial design
  • Modular expandability

As a result of the CVI-tech philosophy, our customers benefit from:

  • Superior performance-to-price value
  • Strict conformity to Standards
  • Ergonomic and industrial design
  • Excellent lifetime value even with intensive use
  • Expert pre-sales advice & guidance and after-sales service wherever you are in the world