Marshall Stability and Indirect Tensile

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Marshall compaction and Marshall tests are still the most common tests for empirical evaluation of asphalt mixes. IPC Global offers manual and automatic Marshall impact compactors, manual, digital or automatic Marshall testers, with fixed and adjustable speed, as well as a range of accessories, including Indirect Tensile jig for mix strength and moisture sensitivity determination.

MULTISPEED Automatic Universal Tester with Touch Screen Digital Speed Control and Data Acquisition

MULTISPEED is an automatic stand-alone machine, ideal solution for Soil/Road testing laboratories.

MULTISPEED Digital Automatic Universal Tester for Displacement Controlled Tests

MULTISPEED tester is the ideal solution for Soil/Road testing laboratories.

50 and 100 kN Bench Machines for CBR, Marshall, Multipurpose Compression and Flexure Testing on Asphalt, Soil, Rocks, Mortar, Groundcement and Cement

A range of small and compact compression machines for CBR, Marshall,...

Automatic Impact (Marshall) Compactor, EN

The apparatus automatically compacts the sample and stops after the preset number of blows.

Automatic Marshall Compactors, ASTM

All the automatic compactors are complete with safety guards and are fully conforming to ASTM.

Circulating Water Bath With Cooler Unit for Marshall

Multi-purpose digital water bath, fit with cooler unit and recirculating water system.

Duriez Compression Test Sets

The test is performed to determine and study the mechanical properties of asphalt mix.

Los Angeles Machine for Asphalt Tests

Used to perform aggregate abrasion and Cantabro tests.

Marshall Compaction Moulds

Marshall moulds are made from steel, protected against corrosion.

Marshall Compression Tester

Motorized Marshall tester, 50kN capacity

Marshall Hand Compaction Assembly

The assembly consists of a wooden compaction pedestal, compaction hammer and mould holder.

Marshall Water Baths

Used to condition in water Marshall and other asphalt specimens.

Marshall/Indirect Tensile Digital Compression Tester

Digital 50kN tester to perform Marshall and Indirect Tensile test.

MULTISPEED accessories Selector

Accessories for covering a wide range of tests using MULTISPEED

Vibrating Hammer for P.R.D. Specimens

Used for the compaction of Proctor, CBR soil specimens and P.R.D - Percentage refusal density test.