• 1968

    Foundation in Milan of CONTROLS S.a.S and launch of the first series of Compression Machine for Concrete.

  • 1973

    Transfer of the company to Cernusco sul Naviglio. Completion of the product range. Important increase of export.

  • 1979

    Design and production of the first robot machine "C45 Automatic Testing Unit for the measurement, weighing and compression of Concrete specimens".

  • 1982

    Open the new Modern Factory in Cernusco sul Naviglio.

  • 1983

    Establishment of CONTROLS UK, to follow the English and Commonwealth markets.

  • 1986

    Design and production of the first T 700, DYNAMIC TRIAXIAL APPARATUS for geotechnical tests.

  • 1988

    Design and production of the new Data Acquisition and processing system for geotechnical tests. Installed at the University of Pavia the 12000 kN cap. testing machine for in-plane behavior of structures. (Rilem publication)

  • 1989

    Foundation of Equipe de Ensayo CONTROLS, Sesena (Toledo), Spain.

  • 1993

    Foundation of CONTROLS S.à r.l , Walheim, France to follow the French and African French speaking countries.

  • 1994

    CONTROLS S.R.L. is certified to ISO 9001.

  • 1995

    Foundation of Equipo de Ensaye S.A. de C.V., Mexico.

  • 1997

    Integration of the Road Testing Systems with GYRATORY COMPACTORS and DYNAMIC range.

  • 1998

    Launch SERCOMP and MCC, a new range of Compression and Flexural Tester to perform automatically the Elastic Modulus of Concrete.

  • 2002

    Launch of AUTOMAX System, Automatic Control Console and compression machine for concrete specimens.

  • 2004

    CONTROLS incorporate Wykeham Farrance, the well-known English company, founded in 1941, specialist in Geotechnical Testing Systems.

  • 2004

    Foundation of CONTROLS Polska Sp. Z o.o. Design and production of ADVANTEST, Servo-hydraulic testing System to perform automatically tests under control of Load/Stress, Displacement and Strain rate.

  • 2006

    Design and production of AUTOTRIAX, the first Automatic Triaxial Testing System for Geotechnical tests ; launch the new models of DynaComp and DynaTrack, Dynamic Testing System for Road.

  • 2008

    Design and production of DYNATRIAX, Dynamic Triaxial System for Geotechnical tests.

  • 2009

    Design and production of PILOT 4 System, Automatic compression tester for concrete and cement specimens.

  • 2011

    Design and production of the DYNAPAVE, Servo-pneumatic and Servo-hydraulic Dynamic Testing Systems for Road testing.

  • 2012

    Launch of the COMPACT and SMART Line, the new range of compression machines.

  • 2012

    Birth of PAVELAB®SYSTEMS, the new asphalt division of CONTROLS

  • 2014

    Acquisition of IPC Global® LTD, Australia’s global leader in dynamic pavement testing.

  • 2015

    Foundation of CONTROLS GROUP USA Inc, United States.

  • 2015

    CONTROLS moved to a new premises of over 8000 m2 in Liscate, Milan.

  • 2016

    After the acquisition from Di Iorio family, Emdin family and the shareholders Wise SGR, Controls SRL becomes Controls SPA changing its legal form.

  • 2017

    Launch of Controls Group’s Advanced Pavements Testing Systems Division, the only one-stop supplier of all advanced, static and dynamic Asphalt / Pavements Testing Systems.

First Wykeham Farrance head quarters (UK, 1941) One of the first compression tester at the end of the '60ties 1982: CONTROLS head quarters in Cernusco S/N (Milan), Italy 2015: CONTROLS head quarters in Liscate (Milan), Italy
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CONTROLS was established in 1968 in a period of market opportunities presented by the construction of the Italian Motorway system; the boom in the use of ready-mix concrete; and later by the overseas projects undertaken by Italian contractors in dire need of testing according to American, English and French standards. Within a short time, an extensive distribution network was established and by the mid 70’s, 50% of our turnover was achieved exporting our products, with the Middle East playing a major role despite a tough competition from the UK and USA.

When the 1980 crisis in the Persian Gulf dramatically affected our sales, we gave great attention to the European market which, whilst more difficult to approach, was more stable. With the aim to better serve these demanding markets, we established subsidiaries in the U.K., France, Spain, Mexico and more recently Poland.

With global markets demanding higher standards of quality, CONTROLS Group became ISO 9000 registered and an accredited SIT (now ACCREDIA) Center for the force calibration of testing equipment in the early 1990’s.

The mid 90’s saw an overhaul of the business, in line with our ambition to become the world leader in our field. This included, extending our range of products and introducing new technologies to satisfy increasing customer demand for quality and performance.

In 2004 we completed the incorporation of Wykeham Farrance (WF), the well-known British company founded in 1941 and one of the longest established manufacturing business in the field of Geotechnical Testing Systems. Since then, the rejuvenated WF brand has contributed to notable innovations in both Automatic Static and Dynamic Triaxial testing systems.

2014 saw CONTROLS Group extending its existing sophisticated PAVELAB®SYSTEMS product range and knowledge in pavements materials testing with the acquisition of IPC Global, the researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment. For over almost 30 years, IPC Global has been leading the way in the innovation, design, manufacture and supply of the world’s most advanced dynamic testing equipment for pavement materials. Its testing systems are used by highways departments, national laboratories, universities, oil companies, civil engineer contractors and consulting engineers worldwide.

The combined product ranges confirmed the status of CONTROLS Group as the ideal partner and one-stop-shop for all your pavement materials testing needs.

Our growth continues and today CONTROLS Group is the world leader in the field of testing equipment for the civil engineering and construction industry, both in the traditional markets (Contractors, Producers and Test Laboratories) and in advanced markets (Universities, Educational and Research). Thousands of testing systems for Soil Mechanics, Road and Concrete have been successfully installed and operated all over the world.

In 2015 another event signifies a step change in the Group’s history: CONTROLS moved to new premises of over 8000 m2 that include industry-leading, product training and R&D facilities to improve efficiency and further enhance quality standards across both our product range and support services which are delivered globally.

In 2016, following the acquisition by the Di Iorio family, Emdin family and Wise SGR shareholders, Controls SRL became Controls SPA, changing its legal form.

2017 sees the launch of CONTROLS Group’s Advanced Pavements Testing Systems Division. The result of a powerful union between CONTROLS Group and IPC Global, the newly formed division continues to lead the industry as the only one-stop supplier of advanced, static, dynamic and binder testing systems conforming to International Standards, and deliver first-class pre-sales and post-sales technical services.