Geometrical Properties

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The macroscopic physical properties of aggregates affect workability, behavior and lifetime of all mixtures used in the construction industry.

Our comprehensive range of aggregate lab equipment for the analysis of geometrical characteristics such as flakiness, shape, Efflux Index is complemented by a range of instruments designed for the assessment of Fines according EN/ASTM standards.

Andreasen Pipette

The Andreasen pipette is used to extract precise quantities of suspension ready for analysis.

Bar Sieves (Grids)

Used to determine the flakiness index of aggregates. Aluminium frame and steel bars.

Bottle Roller

Used for the determination of clay, silt and dust in fine and coarse aggregates to BS method.

Digital Air Jet Sieve Shaker

Ideal for determining size distribution of fine particles from 5 microns to 4 mm.

Efflux Index Apparatus

Used to obtain information about the shape and the angularity of grains.

Flakiness Sieves

Used to determine if aggregate particles are to be considered flaky, i.e. their thickness is less th

Large Capacity Sample Splitter

Used to reduce large quantities of samples to a manageable size.

Length Gauge

Used for determining the elongation index of aggregates.

Methilene Blue Test Set

The test is performed for determining the clay content in the fines fraction of the aggregates.

Proportional Caliper

Use for the rapid and easy determination of percentage of flat particles elongated particles....

Riffle Boxes (Sample Splitters)

Used to divide representative dry samples into the required batch sizes for testing.

Sand Equivalent Shakers

To provide a completely uniform shaking action at the specified rate.

Sand Equivalent Test Set

tow versions of Sand equivalent test set conforming to EN 933-8 and ASTM D2419

Shape Index Apparatus

Used to determine the shape factor of the aggregates. Supplied complete with carrying case.

Thickness Gauge

Used to determine if aggregate particles are to be considered flaky.