General Lab Testing

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We offer a comprehensive range of measuring instruments as well as commonly used chemical laboratory equipment for many specific testing applications such as aggregates, concrete, cement, soil, asphalt and others. These include dial gauges, load rings, load cells, readout units, dataloggers, pressure and displacement transducers, thermometers as well as meteorological equipment.

Hand Anemometer

Large and easy-to-read display. Its polyethylene protection foam makes it comfortable to hold.


A simple unit designed for general purpose use.

Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

This stick type infrared thermometer measures surface temperatures without touching the object...

IP and ASTM Thermometers Mercury Free

IP and ASTM glass thermometers

Laboratory Ovens

Deluxe 780 liters, features all stainless steel internal and external lining

Linear Potentiometric Transducers

Two versions available: Standard and complete with traceable calibration certificate

Load Cells

High performance cells designed to meet the stringent requirement of EN, ISO and ASTM Standards

Load Cells - Regular

High performance cells designed to meet the stringent requirement of EN, ISO and ASTM Standards

LVDT Transducers

These high-precision displacement transducers are controlled by the position of a magnetic core

Max/Min Thermometer

Max/Min thermometer, -30 to +50°C

Measuring Cylinders

Glass and plastic measuring Cylinders.

Melting Pot

Used to melt wax toi seal the soil samples and other materials.

Microwave Oven

Particularly suitable for high speed drying applications in the laboratory

Mixing Bowls

Stainless steel mixing bowls

Mobile Laboratories

In many cases, the mobile laboratory is the first equipment to arrive on the job-site...

Moisture Content Tins and Cans

Moisture content tins

Mortar and Pestles

Mortar and pestles

Muffle Furnaces

Muffle Furnace can program up to 30 segments to control temperature and maintain constant temperatur