General Lab Testing

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Civil engineering laboratory testing equipment is essential for conducting accurate and reliable tests on construction materials and ensuring that they meet the required standards. This equipment is used to analyze the properties and characteristics of various construction materials to maintain the testing equipment calibrated and obtain coherent results.

The equipment available for civil engineering laboratory testing starts with sample collection and subsequent sample preparation. Core drilling equipment, for instance, is used to obtain cylindrical samples from concrete, asphalt, and rock materials.

General laboratories equipment is useful to complete these activities safely and efficiently. Drying sample equipment is necessary to measure and remove moisture from soil, concrete, and asphalt samples. General laboratory apparatus includes various devices and apparatus such as sieves, glassware, vacuums, trays, etc., necessary for almost all soil, aggregates, cement, concrete, and asphalt testing.


Measuring instruments are also essential, such as load cells, gauges, transducers, and dataloggers, which are used to measure force, load, pressure, displacements, and deformation while ensuring the test's accuracy and registering behaviors and variations at all times. Another measuring equipment to consider includes thermometers, hygrometers, timers, and meteorological equipment, which are essential for monitoring temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions. These factors influence the nature of the test.


Mobile labs are an efficient solution as they provide all the necessary testing equipment and can be easily transported to construction sites for on-site testing.

In summary, civil engineering laboratory testing equipment is vital in ensuring the quality and safety of construction materials used in infrastructure projects. The subfamilies of this equipment provide a comprehensive range of tools essential for conducting accurate and reliable tests on construction materials.

Laboratory Drying Ovens - L, H and Q Series Selector

Three series are available specifically designed for civil engineering testing laboratories

Universal Core Drilling Machine

This robust versatile machine is ideal for field where it is necessary to core at any angle.

Portable Core Drilling Machine

The machine can be used at any angle within the horizontal position by the appropriate...

Advanced Climatic Cabinets

Two versions of this advanced thermal chamber are available.

Air Compressors

Both models are ideal for laboratory use.

Air Drier

Used to dry small quantities of soil and aggregate particles

Air Drying Unit

Can be installed between the vacuum pump (see Vacuum pumps) and the apparatus to be de-aired

Analytical Balance

This model is particularly suitable for cement-heat of hydration testing- where a very high accuracy




Reagent and Dropping bottles.

Bottles and Funnels

Storage bottles, wash bottles, Plastic containers with airtight lid and handles and Plastic funnels


Brushes for various laboratory activities

Bunsen Burner, Tripods, Wire Gauzes, Tongs

Bunsen burner, Tripods, Wire gauzes, Tongs

Chemicals and Reagents

A comprehensive range of laboratory chemicals and reagents is available

Circulating Water Bath with Cooler Unit

This multi-purpose digital unit, fit with cooler unit and recirculating water system,

Conical Flasks

Erlenmeyer conical flask

Core Drilling Machine, KorBit

Designed to core asphalt cyliders from gyratory compactor samples.

Data Acquisition Unit DATALOG 8

DATALOG 8 is a stand alone data logger for general purpose acquisition, processing and data storage