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Air drying unit

General description
General description
Can be installed between the vacuum pump (see Vacuum pumps) and the apparatus to be de-aired (e.g. Pyknometers). It has to be filled with a suitable Dessicant (e.g. Silica gel  dessicant 86-D0819). This unit is used to avoid /limit the water vapour to mix with the oil of the vacuum pump, which may cause, as specified, serious damage to the pump when in notable concentration. For more details about complete de-airing systems and the various applications see Additional information.

  • Plastic frame with acrylic cylinder
  • Dessicant capacity: 500 g approx.
  • Overall dimensions: 185x300(h) mm approx.
  • Weight approx.: 1 kg (empty)
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Ordering info

Air drying unit


Silica gel dessicant with indicator. 1000 g bottle.
Note: the dessicant changes in color when saturated. It can be recovered drying it in a oven.

Additional Information

Buyer’s Guide
The following table summarize the most common  tests in which are required De-airing systems and Vacuum apparatus. These recommendations are our interpretation to perform efficiently the test. If in doubt we are at your disposal to give you all necessary information.
Standard                            Test/Determination
ASTM, BS, EN, NF            De-airing water system for triaxial tests
2)    ----                                 Falling head permeability (Cell 38-T0185/1)
3)    EN 12697-4                Recovery of binder by the fractionating column method
4)    EN 12697-3                 Binder recovery by rotary evaporation
5)    EN 12697-1                 Binder recovery by vacuum pump method
BS 598:102
6)    ASTM D2041              Specific gravity and density of bituminous mixtures
Code Description Test 1) Test 2) Test 3) Test 4) Test 5) Test 6)
86-D2001 Vacuum Pump
Single stage
X X     X  
86-D2003 Vacuum pump
Double stage
    X X   X
86-D2004/5 Vacuum gauge
With valve
    X   X  
86-D2064 Rubber tubes X (2) X (2) X (2) X (2) X (2) X (2)
86-D2005 Air drying unit X X       X
86-D0819 Silica gel
X (2)  X (2)       X (2)
86-2004/1D Vacuum regulator       X