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Test determination of: Standard Products
Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing EN 1367-1 / EN 196-1
Air content. Pressure method
Marshall stability EN 12697-34 / ASTM D1559 / ASTM D5581 / AASHTO T245 / EN 12697-12
Chemical tests
CBR California Bearing Ratio EN 12697-34 / ASTM D1883 / ASTM D1559 / ASTM D5581 / AASHTO T245 / EN 12697-12 / BS 1377:4 / NF P94-078 / AASHTO T193 / EN 13286-47 / UNI 10009 / ASTM D6927
Drying samples  
  • Ovens and hot plates
EN 932-5 / ASTM C127 / ASTM D1559 / ASTM D698 / ASTM D558 / ASTM D1557 / EN 1097-5 / ASTM C136 / ASTM D559 / ASTM D560 / BS 1924:1
Weighing samples  
  • Balances and weights
EN 932-5 / ASTM D4753
Measuring instruments. Linear displacement  
  • Linear displacement indicators
Load-deformation measurement
Measuring instruments. Temperature Measurement  
  • Thermometers
Measuring instruments. Time measurement
Laboratory glassware  
  • Laboratory glassware
EN 1097-6
  • Porcelain and various
BS 1377:2 / ASTM D421 / BS 1924:1
EN 12592 / ASTM D2042
  • Plasticware
Laboratory hardware  
  • Laboratory hardware
EN 12350-4
  • Vacuum pumps and de-airing systems
Air humidity
Mobile laboratories
Soil conductivity measurement
Humidity and temperature measurement
Rain fall
Air humidity and temperature
Water distillation
Weather conditions
General lab

General lab

To perform the different tests on all building materials: Aggregates, Cement, Concrete, Soil, Rock, asphalt etc., very often, a vast range of General Laboratory Apparatus is required. This range include important equipment as, for example, ovens, balances, measuring instruments, meteorological equipment, vacuum pumps, air compressors, but also laboratory glassware and hardware as graduated cylinders, porcelain, scoops, containers, plasticware etc. All single items have been selected to suit the requirement of Standards and laboratory technicians.

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