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The Shearmatic EmS is the fully automatic shear testing machine that benefits from the new low maintenance, efficient and environmentally-friendly Ele...
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The Shearmatic EmS is the fully automatic shear testing machine that benefits from the new low maintenance, efficient and environmentally-friendly Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology. Silent, compact and high-performing, the Shearmatic EmS testing system can be run as stand-alone unit or with our ingenious software that can connect up to 6 units with just one PC, enabling you to expand your laboratory gradually and seamlessly.

Direct/Residual test description
The test determines the consolidated drained shear strength of one specimen of a soil material under direct shear boundary conditions. The specimen is deformed at a controlled rate on or near a single shear plane determined by the configuration of the apparatus.

Fully automatic
The SHEARMATIC EmS can complete the whole test in fully automatic mode from consolidation to shear stage; selecting the load (stress) for consolidation and a predefined shear speed for shearing stage offering a practical and accurate way to obtain reliable results without any need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of human error.

Complete stand-alone system
Total control of a single unit, including full test execution is achieved without the need of a PC. The user interface is based on a large 6” touchscreen color display permitting to start, pause and stop the test, choose the data recording mode, show the readings during the test execution and carry out the transducers calibration. It comes supplied with a USB pen drive allwoing unlimited storage, TXT format data output.

Clarity in results

  • Test results are saved and displayed in real-time, speeding data capture.
  • Results are then processed using Wykeham Farrance (WF)’s easy-to-use Geo-Analysis templates, written by experts around international standards allowing you to concentrate on analyzing your materials; not on programing your testing machine.

Interchangeable shear boxes

  • Standard WF shear boxes from 50 to 100mm diameter or from 60 to 100 mm square.


Totally new and ingenious software (optional)

  • Allows the remote control, from a single PC, of multiple Shearmatic Ems machines. When the Remote control mode is used, the PC software becomes the user interface and manages the main functions as well as the channels calibration by linear, polynomial and multi-coefficient curves.
  • Can pilot up to 6 Shearmatic EmS units from one single PC with user able to select single or multiple unit batches.
  • Once the software is installed and linked to the first SHEARMATIC EmS, it is easy to add more units by enabling the associated LAN communication (IP address) without complications or costs.
  • Calibrations of displacement transducers and load cells are stored as txt file and easy to recall, up to 10 calibration points can be recorded for each channel.

Standard complete configuration consists of: 

  • Shearmatic EmS
  • Shear boxes (see accessories and related products) 
  • Template for data processing ( see accessories) 




Technical Specifications

  • Maximum vertical force: 10 kN
  • Maximum horizontal force: 10 kN
  • Max horizontal travel: 23 mm - displacment trasducer: 25 mm
  • Max Vertical travel: 12.8 mm - displacment trasducer: 10 mm
  • Test speed: from 0.00001 to 15.00000 mm/min
  • Maximum number of consolidation steps: 99
  • Maximum nuber of shear cycles: 50
  • Weight approx.: 60 kg
  • Sample type and size: up to 100 mm square or round
  • Dimensions approx.. [lxhxd]: 990x550x350 mm
  • Multivoltage – Multifrequency power supply 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1Ph
  • Power consumption: 200 W


  • ASTM D3080
  • AASHTO T236
  • BS 1377:7
  • EN 17892-10

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