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AUTOMAX Multitest represents a step change in versatility that allows modular upgrades from basic failure tests up to advanced displacement controlled...
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AUTOMAX Multitest represents a step change in versatility that allows modular upgrades from basic failure tests up to advanced displacement controlled tests.

The system in fact offers step-by-step flexibility to build your testing system to cover possible future testing needs.
The console is supplied with DATAMANAGER software for standard failure tests to EN and ASTM, but with additional frames, accessories and dedicated software packages, your system can easily perform many tests including:
  • Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson Ratio determinations (with optional software package 82-SW/EM)
  • Tension on steel rebar (with optional software package 82-SW/UTS)
  • Displacement controlled tests for FRC/Shotcrete characterization (with optional software package 82-SW/DC)
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Technical Specifications


  • Dual stage pump: centrifugal low pressure for fast approach and automatic switching to radial multi-piston high pressure for loading
  • DC motor. 720 W, 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum working pressure 650 bar
  • Third and fourth frame option, active frame selection by software
  • Flow-sharing technology to perform loading and unloading cycles
  • ES Energy Saving technology to reduce power consumption and silent operation


  • 131.000 points effective resolution
  • High frequency closed-loop P.I.D. control
  • Control frequency 500 Hz                       
  • Sampling rate 250 Hz      
  • 4 channels for load sensors (pressure transducers and load cells)
  • 6 channels to measure strain values with transducers (LVDT, magnetostrictive, potentiometetric)
  • 4 channels for strain measurement with strain gauges
  • Memorization of the calibration curve enables sensors to be connected and used immediately
  • Digital linearization of the calibration curve (multi-coefficient)

PC and software

Main software MULTITEST allows:

  • Remote control of the whole system and automatic execution of test including: fast approaching, zeroing, test execution, numerical and graphical management of test results, etc.   
  • Active frame selection via software  
  • Printing and saving of customized test reports both for single and batch tests in Excel format    
  • Multi-language selection, customizable with a further local language (only latin characters).
  • Automatic load measurement verification procedure including data acquisition and printing of traceable calibration certificates, when the PC is connected to the digital readout unit mod. 82-P0801/E and the suitable load cells
  • the use of 4 software packages each one tailored for a specific test method          

DATAMANAGER software package (included) for compression, indirect tensile, 3 points and 4 points flexural tests on different types of specimens           

E-MODULE software package (optional, see Accessories) for Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio determination allowing: 

  • Free unlimited programmable load/stress cycles to fulfill any kind of test procedure       
  • Real time monitoring of test data, stress/time, stress/axial strain, stress/lateral strain graphs     
  • Automatic verification of sample positioning and sensors functionality, as per standards requirements     
  • Automatic calculation of test results as per Standards requirements

UTS software package (optional, see Accessories) for steel tensile testing allowing:

  • Test control up to yield by: 
    • Stress (method B)   
    • Strain by using extensometer (method A1)
    • Strain by using crosshead (method A2) 
  •  Control after yield by grips’ separation
  • Simultaneous display of: stress/elongation [mm], stress/time; stress/elongation [%] and elongation [mm]/time, with possibility to display multi diagrams
  •  Elaboration of tension test results: ReH, ReL or Rp, fp, Rt, A, At, Ag, Agt, A, At, Ae, E, Z , ft/fy, fy/fynom conforming to EN ISO 6892-1 (methods A1, A2, B) and EN 15630-1

D-Control software package (optional, see Accessories) for displacement controlled tests allowing: 

  • Automatic calculation of test results according to EN 14651, 14488-3, 14488-5, UNI 11039-2, ASTM C1550, C1609, UNE 83515           
  • 8 test pre-set testing procedures according to the above Standards                           
  • Customizable test procedure allowing desired loading history                               
  • Possibility to change in real time the test parameters: target load/displacement, control variable, test speed.                          

Physical specifications
Power rating: 700 W
Dimensions (d x w x h): 650 x 500 x 1350 mm
Weight approx.: 100 kg



  • EN 13398
  • EN 12390-4
  • ASTM C39
  • ASTM C469
  • ISO 6784
  • DIN 1048
  • UNI 6556
  • BS 1924:1
  • EN 14488-3
  • EN 14488-5
  • EN 14651
  • ASTM C1550
  • EN 1338
  • EN 12390-13

Accessories and Spare Parts



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