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Specific gravity frame and baskets

BS 812:2 | EN 12390-7 | ASTM C127 | AASHTO T85
General description
General description
Used with a suitable electronic balance for specific gravity determination of fresh and hardened concrete and aggregates. A purpose built robust frame designed to support the electronic balance. The lower part of the frame incorporates a moving platform, which carries the water container allowing the test specimens to be weighted in both air and water. The balance is not included and has to selected conforming to the weighing range required. Any type of electronic balance fit with an underbench weighing facility can be used as, for example, all our models. See Balances, electronic. The frame has to be completed with the 11-D0612/A1 cradle, to hold concrete cubes or cylinders, or with the suitable Density basket for use with aggregates.
  • Overall dimensions: 400 x 650 x 1000 mm
  • Weight approx.  25.5 kg
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Specific gravity frame

Specific gravity frame

Density baskets

Density basket 200 mm dia. x 200 mm high, stainless steel with 3.35 mm mesh opening. 

Density basket 250 mm dia. x 250 mm high, stainless steel with 3.35 mm mesh opening . 

Density basket 160 mm dia. x 180 mm high, stainless steel with mesh opening lower than 3 mm, to NF P18-554.


Cradle for holding specimens

Specific gravity tank 400x400x330 mm

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