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Oxigen permeameter. Cembureau method

UNI 11164
General description
General description
This method, which is applicable to cast and cored concrete specimens, concerns the determination of the concrete permeability to oxygen conforming to the Hagen-Poiseuille relationship.
The apparatus consists of:
  • Permeability cell for specimens 150 mm dia, 50 mm high
  • Volumetric gas flow meter, soap bubble type
  • High precision pressure regulator
  • Digital readout unit and pressure transducer
  • Stainless steel wall mounting panel and connections

Compressed oxygen cylinder fitted with pressure reducer not included
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Technical specifications

Overall dim. and weights: 
  • Panel (lxhxd) 700x1100x120 mm. Weight 14 kg
  • Cell (dia.xh) 345x80 mm. Weight 19 kg

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Oxigen permeability apparatus