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Hydraulic shrinkage mould with measurement apparatus

UNI 11307
General description
General description
Shrinkage mould
The UNI 11307 method is suitable for the determination of hydraulic axial shrinkage on concrete beams during hardening.
According to this method, steel pins shall be glued on the head surfaces of the specimen in order to measure the dimensional changes of specimens properly stored in temperature and specified humidity conditions. The test is performed with the 55-C0100/MB11 beam mould and the shrinkage measurement by the 55-C0115/3D apparatus.

Beam mould
Made of precisely machined cold finished steel , 100x100x500 mm
Weight approx.: 19 kg

Steel pins
To be glued on the beam ends surfaces

Shrinkage measurement apparatus
Metal stand, fitted with reference bar and digital gauge 12.5x0.001 mm, with output for PC. Cable not included. See accessories.
Weight approx. 14 kg
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Ordering info

Beam mould 100x100x500 mm

Steel pins for concrete shrinkage determination to UNI 11307. Pack of 10 pieces.                    

Shrinkage measuring apparatus with reference bar and 12.5x 0.001 mm digital gauge with output for PC connection (special cable required, see accessories)


Serial cable for PC connection