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Creep test

General description
General description
This test is performed for measuring the shrinkage of cylindrical specimens under loads at different time intervals. The apparatus
consists of a load frame designed to apply and maintain the required load on the specimen. The initial compression is applied by a
portable hydraulic jack. The load maintaining element is a series of springs preloaded by the hydraulic jack.

The apparatus is supplied complete with hand pump, two 200 mm diameter precision gauges (one permanently connected, the
other for loading) and a hydraulic jack.
The typical application of this apparatus is for research purposes.
We are at your disposal for all information you may need.

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Technical specifications

  • Maximum load: 300 kN
  • Vertical testing space: 1650 mm
  • Compression platens: 165 mm diameter. The upper platen is spherically seated.
  • Hydraulic jack: 300 kN capacity
  • Hand pump with precision Bourdon gauge 200 mm diameter
  • Bourdon gauge 200 mm diameter permanently connected
  • Frame dimensions: 450 mm diameter x 2680 mm height
  • Weight: 300 kg (approx.)

Ordering info

Load frame, 300 kN capacity, for creep tests on concrete


Upgrade of the 55-C0235/A creep tester with a 300kN load cell for digital acquisition of the axial load