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Our comprehensive range of compression testing machines satisfies all EN, ASTM and other National Standards. A wide selection of accessories and upgrading options makes our concrete testing solutions flexible and modular allowing each user to expand their testing capabilities easily and as required, from basic Quality Control to Advanced Testing. Our products are complemented by a wide range of equipment for fresh and hardened concrete testing plus Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Centering Device for Specimens

Centering device for 100 mm, 150mm, 160mm and 200mm specimens suitable for frames and compression

Compacting Factor Apparatus

The apparatus consists of two conical hoppers having a hinged trap door attached to the lower...

Compression Devices for Cement and Mortars

Robust frame fitted with an upper platen with spherical seat that moves vertically sustained by a sp

Compressometer-Extensometer for Elastic Modulus Determination

Aluminium and steel structure incorporating a high precision inductive transducer. Three units are g

Concrete mortar penetrometers

To evaluate the initial set of concrete

Concrete Workabilimeter

Used to verify the homogeneity of concrete in relation to its workability or plasticity.

Crack Width Gauges

Used for measuring the crack widths in different positions: walls, corners, floor...

Crack Width Microscope

A high quality microscope designed for measuring crack widths in concrete members, masonry walls...

Creep test

For correct evaluation of creep deformation under constant load.

Cube Moulds

The proposed models range from the traditional cast iron version conforming to EN 12390-1 standards

Curing Tanks

Zinc plated steel and heavy plastic models are available

Cylinder Capping Equipment

When testing concrete cylinder specimens it is essential that the two ends are perfectly flat.

Cylinder Moulds

Steel models can be supplied, on request, complete with certificate of compliance.

Data Manager PC Software

The 82-SW/DM is new intuive and smart DATAMANAGER software, very easy to use, complete with many fun

Deep Scanning Metal Locator

Finds rebar and metallic pipes, conduit, metal studs, junction boxes and metal framing up to 150 mm


Used for determining the deflection of bridges, ceilings or any suspended structure.

Determination of Restrained Expansion of Mortar and Concrete. Three Gang Moulds

Used for determining the restrained expansion of a concrete or mortar containing expansive agent.

Digital Deflection Measuring System for Suspended Structures

Used to determinate deflection of ceilings, bridges or any suspended structure.