Cement & Mortar

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We offer an extensive range of machines and testing equipment for cement and mortar that meets the requirements prescribed by the main industry Standards, with various models designed to suit all budgets.

Flexural Test Devices for Mortar Beams

Robust frame fitted with an upper bearer that moves vertically supported by springs. One of the two

50 mm three Gang Cube Mould

The dimension is compatible with ASTM C109. Made from steel, precisely machined.

Air Content Meters

These apparatus have been designed to determine the bair content in cement  mortar, cement past

Autoclave, High Pressure

The autoclave consists of a high-pressure steam vessel for cement expansion tests.

Blaine Fineness Apparatus

Used to determine the particle size of Portland cement, limes and similar powders

Bulk Density Apparatus

Used for determining the bulk density of lime by the fall of the sample from a standard height into

Bulk Density of Cement

Used to determine the bulk density of cement


Two versions available: with standard Beckman thermometer and with digital high resolution.

Carbon Dioxide Content in Cement

The testing equipment consists of: Y-piece with Mohr clip; CO2 absorption tower for gas...

Cement Curing Bench-Type Cabinet

Ideal for curing cement specimens in commercial and site laboratories, very practical and easy to us

Cement Samplers

Made of brass. two versions are available.

Compression Devices for Cement and Mortars

Robust frame fitted with an upper platen with spherical seat that moves vertically sustained by a sp

Curacem, Cement Curing cabinet

Ideal for curing cement specimens in commercial and site laboratories, very practical and easy...

Curing Bath with Cooler Unit

Complete with re-circulating unit for temperature uniformity.

Filter Press for Muds

This apparatus is the most effective means of determining the filtration properties of ...

Flow Tables for Mortar and Building Lime

Used to determine the consistency of mortars and building lime.

Gillmore Apparatus

Use to determine the setting time of cement. The apparatus consists of two horizontal arms...

Hydraulic Shrinkage Mould 40x40x160 mm

The 62-L0009/G version is used for the determination of linear shrinkage of cement mortars.