Bitumen & Binders

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We have applied our expertise in Advanced Asphalt Mixtures Testing to Advanced Bitumen and Binder Testing with the development of a complete range of dynamic and static testing equipment. All our systems are fully automated and perform tests ranging from binder ageing, workability, penetration grading to performance grading and more. Our advanced machines and equipment are trusted by highways departments, national laboratories, universities, asphalt producers, oil companies, paving contractors and consulting engineers worldwide.

Penetrometer, Fully Automatic Model - PIVOT

Used to perform fully automatic binder penetration tests.

Pensky-Martens Digital Tester

Used for flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 40 to 360°C.

Pressure Ageing Vessel PAV

The Pressure Ageing Vessel has been developed to simulate in-service ageing of binders.

Research Ductilometer for Force Ductility Test on Standard and Modified Bitumen - DUCTIMETER

To perform ductility, elastic recovery and deformation energy test for research purposes.

Rolling Thin Film Ovens (RTFOT)

To simulate the short-term ageing of binders.

Saybolt Viscometers

Used for the empirical measurement of Saybolt viscosity of binders between 21 and 99°C.

Setting Tendency of Bitumen Emulsions

Used for determining settling tendency of bitumen emulsions.

Standard Ductilometer for Ductility Test - Ductimeter

For determining the ductility of bituminous materials by tension.

Standard Penetrometers

Fully manual or Semi-automatic version to perform binder penetration tests.

Standard Ring and Ball Apparatus

Used for determining the softening point of bituminous materials.

Standard Rotational Viscometer

Used to measure the apparent viscosity of a binder.

Standard Tar Viscometer

Used for determining the viscosity of cut-back bitumen and road oil.

Storage Stability Tester

The test is based on settlement measurement conforming to NF T66-022.

Tag Open Cup Flash Point Tester

Used for determining the flash point of volatile flammable materials.

Test Set for the Determination of Solubility

Used to determine the solubility of binders.

Test Sieves for Mixing Stability

Used for determining the mixing stability of emulsions with cement.

Test Sieves for Residue on Sieving

Used for determining the residue on sieving of bituminous emulsions.

TFOT Bitumen Oven

Used for determining the loss in mass of binders.