Binder Empirical Test

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Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

Numerous tests can be used to analyze the characteristics of bituminous materials. In order to evaluate the specimen's grade, consistency, viscosity, temperature sensitivity, and safety, a set of tests must be performed on it.

With our fully automatic penetrometer, the Pivot, which measures the penetration of the needle at a set temperature to determine the hardness of bitumen, we can offer an advanced solution to perform a binder penetration test. Thanks to our widest range, we can offer the broadest solution of testing equipment to asphalt binder laboratories around the globe.

In our comprehensive range, the High-Performance DuctilometerAutomatic Ring and Ball Tester and the Rotational Viscometer are the best solutions to perform Ductility Test, Softening point test and Viscosity test on the asphalt binder specimens. We have also testing equipment to perform Flash point test and the density and distillation tests.

We can provide the full range of asphalt binder testing equipment to perform all the main Empirical Tests.

Air Bath

Used for softening bituminous materials before tests.

Apparatus for Distillation of Cut-Back Asphalt

This apparatus is used for the examination of cut-back asphaltic materials by the distillation test.

Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

Used to automatically determine the softening point of asphalt binders.

Bacon Sampler

Used to obtain bitumen or oil samples.

Breaking Point Apparatus

Used for determining the breaking point of solid and semi-solid bitumens.

Breaking Value of Cationic Emulsions Test Set

The breaking value is the amount of filler needed to coagulate a bitumen emulsion.

Cleveland Flash Tester

Used for determining the open cup flash and fire point of binders.

Dynamic Viscometers

For determining the dynamic viscosity with Cannon-Manning and AI viscometers.

Emulsified Asphalt Distillation Apparatus

Used to examine the asphalt emulsions.

Engler Viscometer

Used to determine the specific viscosity of tars.

Glass Tube with Fused-on Glass Filter

Used for determining the penetration power of bitumen emulsions.

High Performance Ductilometer for Force Ductility Test - Ductimeter

To perform ductility, elastic recovery and deformation energy tests.

High Performance Rotational Viscometer

Used for high-performance measurement of apparent viscosity of binders.

Hubbard-Carmick Bottles

For determining the density or relative density of bitumen.

Kinematic Viscometers

Used for the determination of kinematic viscosity of liquid asphalts (bitumen) at 135°C.

Particle Charge Tester

This equipment is used for the identification of anionic and cationic bituminous emulsions.

Penetrometer, Fully Automatic Model - PIVOT

Used to perform fully automatic binder penetration tests.

Pensky-Martens Digital Tester

Used for flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 40 to 360°C.