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Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Vialit adhesion test apparatus

EN 12272-3
General description
General description
Used to assess the adhesion property of aggregates to bitumen. The method is a check on the adhesion of aggregates to be applied to the surface of wearing course rolled asphalt.
The apparatus consists of a metal basement with three vertical pointed rods to hold the test plate; vertical rod 50 cm high with a shot at the upper end for the steel ball to drop; a 512 g steel ball; a supply of 6 metal test plates; a hand operated rubber lined roller with lead shots ballast. The test plate, coated by bitumen on one face and spread by the aggregate chippings in a standard way is rolled by the roller and then placed on the three-point support of the basement.
The steel ball drops three times from the shot and the loose chippings are counted and checked.
  • Weight approx.: 40 kg
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Vialit adhesion test apparatus


Spare parts

512 g steel ball

Metal test plate