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Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Stand-alone Semi Circular Bend SCB tester

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EN 12697-44 | ASTM D8044 | AASHTO TP124
Main features
  • Complete stand-alone test system
  • MULTISPEED Compression Testing Machine with digital control and touchscreen display panel
  • Motorized ram for precise and accurate test results
  • Preset testing procedures following most common SCB configurations
  • Auxiliary linear displacement transducer
  • Automatic closed loop control for test speed
  • Rapid approach and return function with soft contact (typically 5N)
  • Programmable pre-loading phase (typically 45N)
  • Programmable actuator travel limits
  • The software can acquire, elaborate data and create multiple report in Excel format, with all data and graphs of all the selected samples
General description
General description
The Semi-Circular Bend Tester features a rigid two-column load frame with easily adjustable crosshead. The cabinet houses the load jack, motorized actuator and digital control system in one compact setup.

Automatic control of the test speed/travel by the microprocessor controller. Prior to the test, the operator can set travel limits to automatically end the test. The firmware allows calibrating the transducers and setting up to 10 test profiles and saving data onboard. Real-time test graphs and transducer data are displayed on the touchscreen.

The Semi-Circular Bend Tester has built-in data acquisition system with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test. It is important to note that the processing unit controls the speed in a closed-loop mode, avoiding speed calibrations and tension fluctuation effects.

The user-interface is a large touchscreen graphic display while test data can be stored on a USB pen drive or downloaded through a LAN communication port.

Included in the stand-alone system is the Semi-Circular Bend Jig. Precisely engineered, the Semi-Circular Bend Kit is specifically designed to determine the crack resistance and/or crack propagation of asphalt specimens to compare the fracture properties of asphalt mixtures with different binder types. The Semi-Circular Bend test jig is available in compliance with AASHTO TP124 (IL SCB), ASTM D8044 (LSU SCB) and EN 12697-44.

The Semi-Circular Bend Tester is available with the optional high quality Environmental Chamber to enable users to analyze materials’ properties at real-life working temperatures (between -25°C and +60°C) for extended periods. The excellent temperature homogeneity is achieved with the internal fan and baffles controlling air circulation, giving greater confidence in your test results.

The SCB software is perfect for commercial use, Basic version, in which the calculation of the post-peak slope used in calculating the Flexibility Index, is automatically calculated. A Research version is also available. The Research version allows the user to change the post-peak slope to calculate the Flexibility Index. Both versions of the software are able to create multiple report files. In one Excel sheet is possible to add more than one sample. All the samples selected are shown in the same graph. These results can also be shown as an average between all samples.

The Semi-Circular Bend Tester can be used as part of your Superpave performance based testing program.
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Technical specifications

Max Force Capacity 50kN
Load Cell 50kN
Auxiliary Linear Transducer Testing Speed 0.5 to 51mm/min
Control Type Crossbeam Displacement Rate
Fast Approach Speed 25mm/min
Max Ram Travel 100mm
Vertical Clearance 730mm
Horizontal Clearance 270mm
Number of Channels 4 (2 load, 2 displacement)
Effective Resolution 16 bit
Effective Sampling Rate 40Hz

Ordering info

MULTISPEED automatic compression testing machine with digital control and readout unit, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam. Supplied without load cell (to be ordered separately). Including firmware for automatic performance of Marshall, CBR, Indirect Tensile and Semi-Circular Bend test (to EN 12697-44, ASTM D8044, AASHTP TP124).
220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 Ph.

Same as above, but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph  


50 kN capacity strain gauge load cell.

Connecting adapter load cell/cross head (two required)

Compression device

Environmental chamber
Compatible environmental chamber with working temperatures from -25 to +60° C. 
110, 220 or 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

Auxiliary linear displacement transducer option
Linear potentiometric displacement transducer, 25 mm travel with cable 6 pins connector

Compression device extension, suitable for connection to 34-T0104/81, adjustable transducer

Adjustable support for displacement transducer

Semi-Circular Bend Jig to ASTM D8044 (LSU Method) and AASHTO TP124 Flexibility Index Test (FIT) - Method B (Illinois method)

Indirect Tensile (IDT) and Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Jig Base

Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Top platen

Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Jig Upgrade Kit Option for ASTM D8044 / AASHTO TP124 Method B

Semi-Circular Bend Jig to AASHTO TP124 Flexibility Index Test (FIT) - Method A (Illinois method)

Indirect Tensile (IDT) and Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Jig Base

Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Top platen

Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Jig Upgrade Kit Option for AASHTO TP124 Method A

Data elaboration software
PC software for Marshall, CBR, Indirect Tensile, universal test and  Semi-Circular Bend test (to EN 12697-44,  ASTM D8044, AASHTO TP124) suitable for 34-V117X/SCB automatic Multispeed tester.