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Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Marshall/Indirect tensile digital compression tester

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EN 12697-34 | ASTM D1559 | ASTM D5581 | AASHTO T245 | EN 12697-12 | EN 12697-23 | ASTM D6927 | AASHTO T283 | ASTM D6931
Main features
  • 50 kN capacity
  • High precision strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer included
  • Touchscreen graphic diplay 240x128 pixel, icons driven showing figures and diagrams
  • High resolution: 132000 points
  • Large storing capacity on USB pen drive of test data downloadable to PC
  • Ethernet port for connection to PC
  • Language selection
  • Software package available for data processing and print including data-base (not included)
  • For Marshall and Indirect tensile tests 
General description
General description
A bench mounted compression frame with motor and worm gear housed within the base unit producing a platen speed of 50.8 mm/min. A limit switch is provided for the bottom limit of travel. The machine is fit with a precision strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer, both connected to the Digimax Touch data acquisition and processing system (which is part of the system) featuring a large display and standard software covering either the Marshall or the Indirect tensile test. For more details see PC software.
The machine can be completed with a PC software (see accessories) suitable for running CBR, Marshall, Indirect Tensile and universal load/displacement tests. Data are presented numerically and graphically in real-time:
  • Saving and management of tests through single files
  • Single and multiple test result management and printout: Data export to MS Excel®
  • Language selection: English, French, Spanish and Italian plus any other custom language
  • Connection to Controls machine with high speed Ethernet connection.
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Technical specifications

  • Max. capacity: 50 kN
  • Strain gauge load cell 50 kN cap.
  • Displacement transducer 25 mm travel
  • Data acquisition and processing: by Digimax readout unit featuring
    • large graphic touch screen display 240 X 128 pixel,
    • Effective resolution 16 bit ,
    • Effective sampling rate 40 Hz ,
    • LAN-Ethernet communication port ,
    • Data storage on USB pen drive (included)             
  • Platen speed: 50.8 mm/min
  • Power rating: 736 W
  • Overall dimensions (hxlxd):  1028x392x560 mm
  • Weight approx.: 85 kg

Ordering info

Marshall compression testing machine with digital control panel and readout unit, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam, load cell 50 kN capacity, external displacement transducer 25 mm travel, compression device and connector between load cell and crossbeam.         
230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Ph   

Same as above but 220 V / 60 Hz / 1Ph   

Same as above but 110 V / 60 Hz / 1 Ph   


For Marshall test, ASTM/AASHTO and EN 12697-34
Stability mould for 4” dia. (101.6 mm) specimens

Stability mould for 6” dia. (152.4 mm) specimens to ASTM D5581

For indirect tensile test, EN 12697-12, EN 12697-23, AASHTO T283
Frame for tensile splitting device for compacted bituminous samples up to 160 mm diameter

Pair of loading strips for 100 mm dia. samples for use with 76-B0078/F device.

Pair of loading strips for 150 mm dia. samples for use with 76-B0078/F device.

Pair of loading strips for 160 mm dia. samples for use with 76-B0078/F device.

PC software
PC software for CBR, Marshall, Indirect tensile and universal tests.

Additional Information

The EN 12697-12 Determination of water sensitivity of bituminous specimens, and EN 12697-23 Determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous specimens,
require a typical Marshall tester fit with the Indirect tensile test accessories (see 76-B0078/B and 76-B0078/C devices), capable of producing a test graph.
EN 12697-34 Marshall test, correspond to the ASTM/AASHTO standards but, as the above, a test graph is required.
AASHTO T283-03 Resistance of compacted asphalt mixtures  to moisture-induced damage can also be performed with the  Marshall tester fit with the accessories 76-B0078/B or 76-B0078/C devices.
The Marshall/Indirect tensile testers fully satisfy this requirement as they are fit with the Digimax Touch data acquisition and processing system which can be connected to a PC and printer to produce a test graph and test certificate.
For the determinations of the EN 12697-12, EN 12697-23 and AASHTO T283 standards, as specified, the machine has to be used with the accessories 76-B0078/B, 76-B0078/C Tensile splitting devices (see accessories) while, for the EN 12697-34 and all ASTM/AASHTO standards, the machine has to be used with the 76-B0033/4 or 76-B0033/6 stability moulds.


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