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Asphalt/bituminous mixture

Introduction to Asphalt Mixture Performance Testers

General description
General description
Over the last 25 years we have worked closely with Govenment Highway Authorities, Universities, Asphalt producers, Road Constructors and Research Organization to pioneer the world's best and most innovative range of advanced asphalt testing systems.

AMPT Pro and DynaQube have been developed to perform Dynamic SuperPave Performance tests with ease, including the three asphalt tests of NCHRP Projects 9-19 and 9-29 Dynamic Modulus, Flow Number and Flow Time.

The AMPT Pro has been designed with the latest technologies and product developments to ensure that it outperforms any other product on the market.

DynaQube is a Quality Control Testing system utilizing IPC Global's unique and innovative EmS technology. This radical new approach democratizes SuperPave mix performance tests that were previously available to high end research laboratories.
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