Asphalt Mix

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From automatic specimen preparation machines to our advanced range of dynamic asphalt testing systems of Servo-Hydraulic, Servo-Pneumatic and Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines (UTM) and all-in-one testers.

All our testing systems are flexible, accurate, reliable and affordable, providing everything you need for testing hot-mix asphalt mix designs.

Filterless Centrifuge Binder Extractors

Used for filterless separation of filler from binder solution coming from solvent extractors.

Four Point Bend Test for UTM and AsphaltQube

To perform Four Point Bend test

Fully Electro-Mechanical Gyratory Compactor GALILEO

High precision load mechanism combined with an extremely rigid frame assuring high accuracy

Fully Electro-Mechanical Gyratory Compactor GALILEO Research

Complete with real-time closed loop automatic angle adjustment system.

Fume Exhaust Cupboard with Aspirator

This fume exhaust cupboard is fit with double aspiration system, Class 1

Gauge Point Fixing Jig

The innovative AMPT Gauge Point fixing makes it quick and easy to accurately fix gauge points

Gyratory Compactor GYROCOMP

Compact and lightweight SGC, ideal for mobile laboratories

Hot Mix Asphalt Automatic Closed Loop Extractor PAVELAB50

Fully automated and closed-cycle solvent extraction.

IMACS2, Third Generation Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS)

Suitable for upgrade of existing hydraulic, pneumatic & electro-mechanical dynamic testing machines.

Indentation Penetrometer

The test method is used for determining the depth of indentation of mastic and rolled asphalt.

Indirect Tensile Test for UTM, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube

To perform Indirect Tensile tests.

Internal Angle Measurement Apparatus ILS

For accurate calibration of internal angle of Gyratory compactors.

Kumagawa Extractor

Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples

Laboratory Digital Planetary Mixer

A robust device for the efficient mixing of asphalt mixes.

Laboratory Planetary Mixers

Robust table mounted units with planetary mixing action.

Large Size Piknometers - Rice Test

Used for determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of uncompacted bituminous mixtures.

Los Angeles Machine for Asphalt Tests

Used to perform aggregate abrasion and Cantabro tests.

Marshall Compaction Moulds

Marshall moulds are made from steel, protected against corrosion.