Asphalt Mix Composition Analysis

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The determination of bitumen & binder content in asphalt mixture is a critical parameter for QC/QA, design and research. The most common methods are solvent extraction and ignition method. IPC Global’s testing systems include both standard hot and cold solvent extractors, similar to centrifuges, and fully automatic systems such as the closed loop extractor PAVELAB50 and the ignition oven BITUMAX.


Asphalt Binder Analyzer by Ignition Method | BITUMAX Pro

Allowing to automatically calculate the binder content by ignition method.

Asphalt Digital Thermometer

This digital thermometer can be used for various field and laboratory applications.

Automatic Bitumen Extractor

Used for automatic separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and solvent recovery.

Binder Recovery Apparatus by Abson Method

Used for recovering the asphalt (bitumen) from a solution of a previous extraction.

Binder Recovery Apparatus by Vacuum

Used to remove the solvent from the binder/solvent solution.

Bottle Rolling Machine

Used for the determination of the affinity between aggregate and bitumen.

Centrifuge Binder Extractors

The centrifuges are used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures.

Drainage Basket

The test is performed for determining binder drainage of bituminous mixtures.

Filterless Centrifuge Binder Extractors

Used for filterless separation of filler from binder solution coming from solvent extractors.

Fume Exhaust Cupboard with Aspirator

This fume exhaust cupboard is fit with double aspiration system, Class 1

Hot Mix Asphalt Automatic Closed Loop Extractor PAVELAB50

Fully automated and closed-cycle solvent extraction.

Kumagawa Extractor

Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples

Large Size Piknometers - Rice Test

Used for determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of uncompacted bituminous mixtures.

Paper Filter Extractor

Used for the extraction of binder from hot mixed paving mixtures.

Reflux Extractors

Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples

Rotary Evaporator for Binder Recovery

The apparatus is used for the recovery of soluble bitumen from bituminous pavement materials.

Solvent Recovery Unit

Used to recover the solvent liquid after its use for the extraction tests.

Specific Gravity Frame for Asphalt

Used for specific gravity determination of laboratory compacted asphalt specimens.