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Sieves, EN, woven cloth

ISO 3310-1
General description
General description
Complete range of full depth testing sieves 200, 250, 300, 315 and 450 mm dia. All frames, except the 450 mm dia. -made of sheet steel and wire cloth sieves are manufactured from stainless steel. Perforated plates are made from tinned steel. Sieves having the same nominal dia. are designed to nest one in each other. Using 200 mm sieves (8”) is possible to test up to 1000 g of aggregates and 3000 g with 300 mm (12”) dia.
The sieves specifications are clearly marked on the label comprising the serial number  and other information for the identification and traceability of the product as requested  by the international specifications.

Important note
The EN standards specify that: “Sieves with aperture size of 4 mm and above shall be perforated plate square hole test sieves. Below that size they shall be woven wire test sieves”. See Sieves, EN, perforated metal plate
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Nominal aperture Code 200 mm dia. Code 250 mm dia. Code 300 mm dia. Code 315 mm dia. Code 450 mm dia.
20 µm 15-D2365/J 15-D2365/F 15-D3365/J 15-D3365/F 15-D4365/J
38 µm 15-D2360/J 15-D2360/F 15-D3360/J 15-D3360/F 15-D4360/J
40 µm 15-D2355/J 15-D2355/F 15-D3355/J 15-D3355/F 15-D4355/J
45 µm 15-D2350/J 15-D2350/F 15-D3350/J 15-D3350/F 15-D4350/J
50 µm 15-D2345/J 15-D2345/F 15-D3345/J 15-D3345/F 15-D4345/J
53 µm 15-D2340/J 15-D2340/F 15-D3340/J 15-D3340/F 15-D4340/J
63 µm 15-D2335/J 15-D2335/F 15-D3335/J 15-D3335/F 15-D4335/J
75 µm 15-D2330/J 15-D2330/F 15-D3330/J 15-D3330/F 15-D4330/J
80 µm 15-D2325/J 15-D2325/F 15-D3325/J 15-D3325/F 15-D4325/J
90 µm 15-D2320/J 15-D2320/F 15-D3320/J 15-D3320/F 15-D4320/J
100 µm 15-D2315/J 15-D2315/F 15-D3315/J 15-D3315/F 15-D4315/J
106 µm 15-D2310/J 15-D2310/F 15-D3310/J 15-D3310/F 15-D4310/J
125 µm 15-D2305/J 15-D2305/F 15-D3305/J 15-D3305/F 15-D4305/J
150 µm 15-D2300/J 15-D2300/F 15-D3300/J 15-D3300/F 15-D4300/J
160 µm 15-D2295/J 15-D2295/F 15-D3295/J 15-D3295/F 15-D4295/J
180 µm 15-D2290/J 15-D2290/F 15-D3290/J 15-D3290/F 15-D4290/J
200 µm 15-D2285/J 15-D2285/F 15-D3285/J 15-D3285/F 15-D4285/J
212 µm 15-D2280/J 15-D2280/F 15-D3280/J 15-D3280/F 15-D4280/J
250 µm 15-D2275/J 15-D2275/F 15-D3275/J 15-D3275/F 15-D4275/J
300 µm 15-D2270/J 15-D2270/F 15-D3270/J 15-D3270/F 15-D4270/J
315 µm 15-D2265/J 15-D2265/F 15-D3265/J 15-D3265/F 15-D4265/J
355 µm 15-D2260/J 15-D2260/F 15-D3260/J 15-D3260/F 15-D4260/J
400 µm 15-D2255/J 15-D2255/F 15-D3255/J 15-D3255/F 15-D4255/J
425 µm 15-D2250/J 15-D2250/F 15-D3250/J 15-D3250/F 15-D4250/J
500 µm 15-D2245/J 15-D2245/F 15-D3245/J 15-D3245/F 15-D4245/J
600 µm 15-D2240/J 15-D2240/F 15-D3240/J 15-D3240/F 15-D4240/J
630 µm 15-D2235/J 15-D2235/F 15-D3235/J 15-D3235/F 15-D4235/J
710 µm 15-D2230/J 15-D2230/F 15-D3230/J 15-D3230/F 15-D4230/J
800 µm 15-D2225/J 15-D2225/F 15-D3225/J 15-D3225/F 15-D4225/J
850 µm 15-D2220/J 15-D2220/F 15-D3220/J 15-D3220/F 15-D4220/J
1 mm 15-D2215/J 15-D2215/F 15-D3215/J 15-D3215/F 15-D4215/J
1,18 mm 15-D2210/J 15-D2210/F 15-D3210/J 15-D3210/F 15-D4210/J
1,25 mm 15-D2205/J 15-D2205/F 15-D3205/J 15-D3205/F 15-D4205/J
1,4 mm 15-D2200/J 15-D2200/F 15-D3200/J 15-D3200/F 15-D4200/J
1,6 mm 15-D2195/J 15-D2195/F 15-D3195/J 15-D3195/F 15-D4195/J
1,7 mm 15-D2190/J 15-D2190/F 15-D3190/J 15-D3190/F 15-D4190/J
2 mm 15-D2185/J 15-D2185/F 15-D3185/J 15-D3185/F 15-D4185/J
2,36 mm 15-D2180/J 15-D2180/F 15-D3180/J 15-D3180/F 15-D4180/J
2,5 mm 15-D2175/J 15-D2175/F 15-D3175/J 15-D3175/F 15-D4175/J
2,8 mm 15-D2170/J 15-D2170/F 15-D3170/J 15-D3170/F 15-D4170/J
3,15 mm 15-D2165/J 15-D2165/F 15-D3165/J 15-D3165/F 15-D4165/J
3,35 mm 15-D2160/J 15-D2160/F 15-D3160/J 15-D3160/F 15-D4160/J
4 mm 15-D2155/J 15-D2155/F 15-D3155/J 15-D3155/F 15-D4155/J
4,75 mm 15-D2150/J 15-D2150/F 15-D3150/J 15-D3150/F 15-D4150/J
5 mm 15-D2145/J 15-D2145/F 15-D3145/J 15-D3145/F 15-D4145/J
5,6 mm 15-D2140/J 15-D2140/F 15-D3140/J 15-D3140/F 15-D4140/J
6,3 mm 15-D2135/J 15-D2135/F 15-D3135/J 15-D3135/F 15-D4135/J
6,7 mm 15-D2130/J 15-D2130/F 15-D3130/J 15-D3130/F 15-D4130/J
7,1 mm 15-D2128/J 15-D2128/F 15-D3128/J 15-D3128/F 15-D4128/J
8 mm 15-D2125/J 15-D2125/F 15-D3125/J 15-D3125/F 15-D4125/J
9,5 mm 15-D2120/J 15-D2120/F 15-D3120/J 15-D3120/F 15-D4120/J
10 mm 15-D2115/J 15-D2115/F 15-D3115/J 15-D3115/F 15-D4115/J
11,2 mm 15-D2110/J 15-D2110/F 15-D3110/J 15-D3110/F 15-D4110/J
12,5 mm 15-D2105/J 15-D2105/F 15-D3105/J 15-D3105/F 15-D4105/J
13,2 mm 15-D2100/J 15-D2100/F 15-D3100/J 15-D3100/F 15-D4100/J
14 mm * 15-D2096/J 15-D2096/F 15-D3096/J 15-D3096/F 15-D4096/J
16 mm 15-D2095/J 15-D2095/F 15-D3095/J 15-D3095/F 15-D4095/J
19 mm 15-D2090/J 15-D2090/F 15-D3090/J 15-D3090/F 15-D4090/J
20 mm 15-D2085/J 15-D2085/F 15-D3085/J 15-D3085/F 15-D4085/J
22,4 mm 15-D2080/J 15-D2080/F 15-D3080/J 15-D3080/F 15-D4080/J
25 mm 15-D2075/J 15-D2075/F 15-D3075/J 15-D3075/F 15-D4075/J
26,5 mm 15-D2070/J 15-D2070/F 15-D3070/J 15-D3070/F 15-D4070/J
31,5 mm 15-D2065/J 15-D2065/F 15-D3065/J 15-D3065/F 15-D4065/J
37,5 mm 15-D2060/J 15-D2060/F 15-D3060/J 15-D3060/F 15-D4060/J
40 mm 15-D2055/J 15-D2055/F 15-D3055/J 15-D3055/F 15-D4055/J
45 mm 15-D2050/J 15-D2050/F 15-D3050/J 15-D3050/F 15-D4050/J
50 mm 15-D2045/J 15-D2045/F 15-D3045/J 15-D3045/F 15-D4045/J
53 mm 15-D2040/J 15-D2040/F 15-D3040/J 15-D3040/F 15-D4040/J
56 mm 15-D2035/J 15-D2035/F 15-D3035/J 15-D3035/F 15-D4035/J
63 mm 15-D2030/J 15-D2030/F 15-D3030/J 15-D3030/F 15-D4030/J
75 mm 15-D2025/J 15-D2025/F 15-D3025/J 15-D3025/F 15-D4025/J
80 mm 15-D2020/J 15-D2020/F 15-D3020/J 15-D3020/F 15-D4020/J
90 mm 15-D2015/J 15-D2015/F 15-D3015/J 15-D3015/F 15-D4015/J
100 mm 15-D2010/J 15-D2010/F 15-D3010/J 15-D3010/F 15-D4010/J
125 mm 15-D2005/J 15-D2005/F 15-D3005/J 15-D3005/F 15-D4005/J
Pan and cover 15-D2004/J 15-D2004/F 15-D3004/J 15-D3004/F 15-D4004/J
Pan only  15-D2003/J 15-D2003/F 15-D3003/J 15-D3003/F 15-D4003/J
Cover only  15-D2002/J 15-D2002/F 15-D3002/J 15-D3002/F 15-D4002/J
Frame only  15-D2001/J 15-D2001/F 15-D3001/J 15-D3001/F 15-D4001/J
Receiver/separator 15-D2000/J 15-D2000/F 15-D3000/J 15-D3000/F 15-D4000/J

* Apertures conforming also to BS, NF, DIN, UNE, UNI standards.