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Large capacity sample splitter

EN 933-3
General description
General description
Used to reduce large quantities of samples to a manageable size. Constructed of heavy gauge welded steel. Clamshell hopper to hold up to 28 dm3 (1 cu.ft). Single splitter chute provides flexibility in sizes of chute openings. Each chute bar is 12.5 mm (1/2 in.) wide so  that adjustment is provided for any incrementof 12.5 mm which will divide into the total 610 mm (24 in.) chute width an even number of times.
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Technical specifications

  • For aggregates up to 150 mm size
  • Adjustable openings from 12.5 mm with 12.5 mm increments
  • Clam shell hopper 26 dm3 capacity
  • Complete with two pans
  • Dimensions: 
    overall height 991 mm
    hopper size 737 mm long x 483 mm wide
  • Weight approx.: 50 kg

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Large capacity sample splitter


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